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My experiences at the SAP SDN Trivia Quiz at TechEd, Bangalore

First of all I would like to congratulate SAP and SDN community for one more year of successful TechEd, I attended the TechEd in Bangalore. It was simply superb! The only regret that I am left with, is that I was not able to attend as many sessions as I would have liked. Now don’t get angry, I am coming to the main topic. This is a sort of story, this story is about a person who is relatively new to the world of SAP. Somehow he gets a chance to attend this SAP TechEd. Our story starts on one fine Thursday morning, this was the second day of SAP TechEd. This guy (let me call him Jacob) walks into the TechEd arena hoping for a day that is filled with excitement and pools of knowledge. However, he was in for a surprise this early morning, there at the SDN Clubhouse (which this guy always admired), Craig was doing something, but what actually interested that guy, was a very beautiful girl standing in front of the Clubhouse, along with 50 odd people. But as he went towards the clubhouse, he realised that Craig was calling for one more person. He immediately had a vision of an announcer calling for the next fighter. Next moment his legs were carrying him towards the Clubhouse, but some other person stepped in for the SAP SDN Trivia Quiz before he could reach the front. The quiz started, it was simply superb! He just wanted to be there, on one of the hot seats, holding the buzzer. He gave his name for the Quiz scheduled the next day, and forgot about it in between exciting hands-on and interesting sessions. The next day, that is on Friday, this guy was again just coming out of a session when he again heard Craig’s voice. That feeling of getting to the hot seat again rose in him and he rushed to the SDN Clubhouse. There one person was already sitting on the hot seat, two more seats were empty. Craig was asking the crowd for the lucky draw, for the name of the next person. Next thing Jacob knew was he had put up his hand and was rushing towards the hot seats. His heart was doing a kind of sommersault. One more guy occupied the seat on the left of Jacob. It was only then he realised that he aws sitting between two people who had more than 5 years of SAP experience. And here he was, a 21 year old guy, just out of college, looking to compete with two pros. The first round started, as soon as Jacob read the first line of the first question, his heart leapt. He knew the answer. This eager thumb pressed the buzzer and he gave a perfect answer. He was leading at the end of round 1; he was actually leading both the pros by 100 points. Second round was pretty much the same. With only one exception. The person on Jacob’s right started to give many wrong answers and Jacob missed many points though he knew the answer. As compared to the 2 answers given by the person on Jacob’s left and 1 given by the one on Jacob’s right. Somehow he managed to give 4 answers till the end of round 2. The third round started. Jacob knew it was very important for him. He had to answer just one question to be a winner. But he could not answer any. Somehow he lost even after answering 4 questions. The person on his right gave a correct answer in the last round and won. Jacob was not grieved by this, infact he was overjoyed. The fact that he performed more than his expectations, and he lost gracefully in front of 50 people was worth celebrating. I am Jacob. I still treasure this 4 port USB hub that I won.″ width=”235″/>
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