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This weblog is a step by step guide to creating a namespace filter for your KM repostiory.
Step 1

Create a empty portal project using wizard inside NWDS


Step 2

Select the project that was created above and using KM wizard to create the KM namespace filter.


Step 3

Open up your java file for filter. In my case it is It should look following.

Step 4

Now, you need to modify the method filter(). This is where you code to hide certain files/folder by looking at their name. In my case i am hiding files with certain file extension (.back, .tmp, … )

Step 5

Deploy your component to your portal and assign it the repository that needs to be filtered


Step 6

The changes in above step should affect the KM immediately but if it doesn’t then restart your portal.
BAM!!! You got yourself a namespace filter

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  1. Former Member
    It’s showing the file(com.ust.namespcfilter.ExcludeTemp) inside the Repositry Filter in my portal, I don’t know whether it’s activated or not.  I have restarted my server after this deployment.  I have checked, document inside KM Content, its not filtering the files which I have given(In Filter() method coding filename.endsWith(“.doc”)|| filename.startsWith(“Abc”) like this).    I have checked the same documents from another user(Not having Content Administration Role), eventhough its not filtering the files. 

    Please help me in this regard. 

    Kindly give some solution.

  2. Former Member
    Its a very helpful blog to create Namespace Filter, i have created namespace filter nd i have restarted the portal as well.  But its not filter the files.  Please me in this regard.
    Thanks in Advance,

    With Regards,


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