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J2EE Engine : Get Consolidated veiw of HTTP properties

Scenario: Often there is a need to view configuration properties of
server and dispatcher. Visual Administrator provides one of the means to view
the properties through UI navigation as shown in figure 1.




Figure 1: Visual Admin Console

Problem: what if you were asked to
compare the properties from different servers?? Visual Admin does provide a
means to export the properties of each service on the J2EE Server.


Solution: One solution that I have found
very useful is to do a telnet and enquire the required properties, store them
into files for further analysis.

Step 1: Connect to the telnet port of

J2EE Engine, it usually ends with 08, i.e. if your http port is 50000, then the

telnet port is 50008. Figure 2 shows the telnet screen.


Figure 2: TELNET console for XI server


Step2 : To get properties of the dispatcher

issue the following command.


> listsp http


Figure 3: Detailed Configuration
properties of dispatcher (http provider).


Step 3: To get properties of the server

node, jump to the server of interest and issue “listsp” command as shown in

figure 4. To see all the cluster elements use “lsc”.


Figure 4: Detailed Configuration
properties of Server (http provder)


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