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Portal Drive – Making KM folders available in Windows as network/windows drives (SP14 New Feature)

Portal Drive – the easiest way to make KM folders available in windows as network drives for mass upload and maintenance of documents providing features like offline editing, locking, sharing versioning, synchronization etc. Prerequisites: 

  • EP 6.0 SP14
  • Portal Drive Software
  • Windows NT/2000/XP
  • Where to Install Portal drive is an desktop application that must be installed on each clients computer (Content Managers) How to Use: 1. Apply the support package Stack 14 to the Enterprise Portal.   2. Download the Portal Drive software from link – Download     or copy and paste the URL     or Go to –> Support Packages and Patches –> Entry by application group –> SAP Netweaver –> SAP Netweaver04 –> Entry by Component –> Frontend –> Portal Drive 4.4. Download  3. Extract it to the local folder and install the software by double clicking on the exe file. You can see the Portal Drive icon in Windows Systems tray after Portal Drive is installed.    &nbspimage 4. For accessing the Portal Drive, click on Icon on Windows System tray or Start -> Progams -> SAP FrontEnd ->Portal Drive -> Portal Drive Client.    &nbspimage 5. Create a service by selecting a drive letter – clicking on service – specify the server, Port and Server Directory    &nbspimage   &nbspimage 6. Click on Work  Online and specify the login userid and password     &nbspimage 7. Thats it KM folder (Documents) is attached to a windows drive letter(E).    &nbsp image 8. Now we can drag and drop files into this folder or edit the documents. Right click on the file for accessing the features.    &nbspimageFuther Documentation

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      • Hans,
        Thanks for providing us the access to the link for the Portal Drive. Could you please point us to documentation on SSO with Portal Drive. Does it require any additional configuration.


        • It requires the Portal to be configured for SSO (with Certificates or NTLM). If you can access the portal with your browser without having to logon, Portal Drive should do so automagically as well. Just configure an HTTPS access and set the user to that of the Certificate (or NTLM user).
          • Hello,

            is HTTPS a must for NTLM authentication? Does the Portal Drive also support Kerberos Authentication? We have Kerberos Authentication running for our Portal. But the Portal Drive promts me for Username & Password.


      • hello,

        we’ve a portal and a proxy in front (NTLM authentication functions fine with the portal). When I try to connect using the portal Drive to a document URL (this is possible connecting directly to the portal – no SSO), when I configure the proxy I get a popup asking for user name/password and afterwards I get an error (system can not find the specified path).

        Do I need to do something specific to setup SSO using NTLM?


    • Hi,

      that rearly a cool feature. Is it also possible to make CRM KM accessible via a Drive? We’re using it for Attachments to Opportunities.


      • Hi,

        Similar to this though is using the webdav connection.. which is available in 6.20.  In KM, go into the details, then properties of a folder.  Then access links.  In there you will see a webdav url.  Copy that.  Back on your PC go to map a network drive.  However there is an option at the bottom refering to web folders.  Click on that and paste the URL in.  Click next and it will probably ask you to log on to the portal.  Just keep clicking next / finish until you get to the end and hey presto, you have the KM repositories available in my network places.

        I belive that this new SP14 feature is just building on this standard webdav functionality.


    • Great feature.
      Works well on our intranet portal.
      Breaks badly on our externet portal, which is behind a firewall. There, I can only see the folders,
      but no files inside these folders, althouth they are all there when I view them from KM.
      Is there a way to define a specific server port on the portal server for this KM client.



    • Hi!
      Portal drive is very useful utitlity. Installation and using it is simple enough to
      use it by non-qualificated users. Let me say about several improvements we want.

      1) In Windows Explorer F5 – standard key for refresh folder opened. In Portal drive
      user should click on portal icon in tray and execute “Refresh” menuitem. It’s not easy.
      It’ll be great to assign standard F5 button for refresh action.

      2) In portal drive folder resourceID is displayed instead of display name resource property.
      In Windows WebFolder for SAP KM Folder users can see displayname instead of resourceID.
      It’s critical for our users to show display name instead of resourceID. The reason described
      in note 855500. We use repository service which replaces resourceID with non-Latin letters with
      guid on resource creation or uploading. So numeric resourceID as file name in Portal Drive folder is
      not convenient for users.

      Thank you.
      best Regards,

    • Hi,

         I followed your instruction to install Portal Drive. it works fine for my netweaver sandbox server.
         however, it did not work for my DEV and QA Netweaver Server.
         when i clicked workoneline and entry username and password, Portal drive client give me error message ” you cannot use Protal Drive connect to this server”.  I cannot access to KM folder if i use Internet Explorer with same URL and username/password, so weddav URL works fine.

         did i miss something? how can i fix this problem?
          tony qiu

      • Check the version of the SAP EP 6.0 in DEV and QAS. Check its SP14 or above. Portal drive doesnot work with versions below SP14.


      • r u able to fix this issue? I am also getting the same issue. I am able to connect to portal box with only one instance on it but not on the portal box with having two portal instance.


    • Hi,
      does anyone have an idea why the Offline Ability isnt working properly? I didnt get an Error Message.
      I marked the Folders as “Offline Available” but when i choose “Work Offline” the Drive appears as empty. The Cache isnt cleared aswell.

      Help would be appreciated