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SDN Clubhouse: Wrapping it all up…


I have to say that being in Bangalore was not only fun because it was my first further East than Europe it was just simply a great experience in the Clubhouse. For those of you in Vienna or Boston; you guys should really take a que from these folks here, they came at us in the Clubhouse with so many technincal questions and we ended up in so many small little “techie” sessions that I couldn’t have planned a better use of the Clubhouse. Our thoughts on the Clubhouse were to create an environment to promote community interaction and discussions and here in Bangalore they took that to the next level!

Which basically means that the US and Europe will need to surpass them next year!

Another thing that turned out really well was our SDN Contributor meetup that we did in the evening, we all meet at this local place called “Taika” and it was a really cool place!


For me personally though the highlight here in Bangalore as well as Vienna and Boston was the chance to meet and talk to all my fellow SDNers out there and get a chance to get onto a more personal level that just written words on the Internet. Being new to SDN/SAP I have to say that I’m still overwhelmed with the fact that they got out of their way to ensure that we SDNers have the ability to meet and communicate with each other! Thank you SAP and SDN!!

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  • It was really nice meeting you in person at Bangalore. And I never thought you are such a jovial person (you got to change the picture of yours in the weblogs)
    Are you putting those pics and videos in to flickr. I have some photos, which i will mail it to you and you can put them in flickr.


    • Jovial 🙂 that’s now how you described me in Bangalore :-))

      It was great meeting you as well and if you mail me the photos I will put them up on my flickr account for everyone to see.

      I’ve just finished putting all the video footage onto my computer then I need to upload that to our guys who actually know what they are doing with video then it will be made available on SDN as well! At least as highlights!

      The photos I have now will be up on flickr hopefully by the end of the day.


      • do you want me to put the other description of yours as well here. (jovial overtook the other one).

        Nevermind, i was just joking. I just mailed you first set of pics. just save them and clear it from your mail box and let me know. i will send the next set.


        • As soon as I get the pics I will start uploading, just finished up converting the film, got about 2 hours worth so I will have to wait until I am in the office to upload them – over my internet connection will take too long.

          So I will have some time later today to get the photos on flickr.

  • Craig/Raja,
               It was nice meeting you guys in Blore tech Ed.I was able to attend only the first of the Tech Ed and had a great time in SDN club house.

                I was not able to make it on the second day & third day of the Tech Ed as I had other official reasons.(Criag, pardon me pls as I was not able to take my BoF session on the last day).

                  But after seeing these photos I felt that I have missed alot of fun :)).Hope next year I will make it.


    • We missed you as well but Kartik filled in and everything worked out so as the saying goes “no harm no foul”.

      Hope you see you and everyone else next year!

  • It was great meeting you,  Pranav and the rest of the crew..
    I must say that my First TecEd was a great Experience.. Looking forward to attending more such events 🙂