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What Technology Standards Does NetWeaver Support?

Does NetWeaver support WS-security? Does NetWeaver support WS-I Basic Profile? What version of SOAP is supported in NetWeaver? … I’ve already lost track about how many times I have been asked these kind of questions.

It has been in my to-do list for a long time to write a blog to provide a complete list of standards supported in various NetWeaver components, so I don’t have to repeat the answers again and again. However, kind of embarrassing, as a standards architect for NetWeaver, I realized that I could not provide a comprehensive list of the standards NetWeaver officially supports or will support. Well, I can tell you what I personally think are already supported or should be supported, but it only counts when product management teams of each component have “officially” verified the compliance status.

Thanks to my colleague ESA and SAP NetWeaver – The future way to build business applications now, I now have the list without having to do the tedious work of verifying “official” compliance status for each of the standards listed. The SAP white paper Building Standards-based Business Applications recently published in SDN provides a good overview of how SAP is building industry-standard support into NetWeaver and how the platform, combined with ESA, enables companies to develop, build, and manage standards-based business applications. However, I would like to bring your attention to its appendix which maybe ignored by many readers.

The list of technology standards that are supported or will be supported in NetWeaver

The appendix of David’s article provides a comprehensive list of technology standards that are supported or will be supported in NetWeaver. The list may not be exactly what you need, but it should give you a good sense of what’s already in or in the radar of NetWeaver. More importantly, it has gone through the scrutiny of SAP marketing and thus should give you certain level of “officiality”.

For your convenience, the list is copied here. It is organized by standard organizations. The first column lists the name of the standard organization and the relevant standards, the second column is a brief description of the standard, and the last column provides link to more information.

(Note you’re encouraged to read the paper . The list is made available here only for your reading/printing convenience. Don’t blame me for the bad quality of the tables – the SDN blog editor doesn’t support fancy HTML tables. The source is in PDF. The only reasonable way I can figure out to make the tables available here is to copy the tables as images, but SDN has a restriction to make images no more than 600×400, yada yada…)




Please keep in mind when you reference this list,

  • Accuracy of this list is time sensitive.
    Since both the technology standards space and SAP NetWeaver are evolving quickly, the list should only be considered as a snapshot of standards supported in NetWeaver at the time when the whitepaper was written.
  • Coverage of this list is limited.
    It only covers technology standards. Note the list doesn’t cover many vertical industry standards that are co-developed and/or supported by SAP.

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