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Small Announcements

Just a couple of small things happening here on SDN at the moment, which are good to know.

One we are upgrading our systems in the background for a more streamlined process of loading contributions. We hope this will happen without any hiccup, but experience tells us differently 🙂

Please be a bit more patience with us in the next days, we appreciate it and let you know as soon as everything is back to normal. If something after, let’s say an hour is still crooked, please let us know by either posting in the SDN Suggestions forum or send an email to

The Top Contributors list was getting boring, nothing against Thomas Jung or the rest of the top 10 and all of their accomplishments on SDN, but there wasn’t a lot of movement lately. So we changed the entry view to the Top Contributors in the last 30 days.


What you can see above is, that we have a brand new SDNer leading the Top Contributor list:   Sanjay Sinha with 2142 points, as far as I can tell all of them from  the ABAP forum. If he keeps up that pace, he will have 25000 points next year around this time. Wow.

Of course we want to know more about him and have send him a little questionnaire. So stay tuned for more information.

Also we have reset the “Points Since Last Contest” date to September 16, 2005. Start contributing now it is all counting for the next big contest. No surprise, Sanjay Sinha is leading there too.   SDNers liked the prices from the last contest. We are taking suggestions for this year, of course they have to fit into our budget and no guarantee which ones we will choose.

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  • Sadly, not of all changes happen in background: anyone noticed SDN availability yesterday (Oct 10), and now all Weblogs/Forums URLs are incorrect (both on site and in emails)

    I guess small URL rewriting would fix this problem quickly (for example, in Apache it is just one line in config!)


  • I also noticed that I released a weblog yesterday (rereleased todfay, just in case) and it does not appear on the site, on the main weblog page.

    Is there a new procedure for weblog release? Does the weblog go through review before being released?


  • Hi,
    we should send a mail if a problem lasts for at least one hour – I sent a mail two days ago, answer was “forwarding to development”, no further info after that. Still, all forum links (even the “Topic” links on a forum topic, as well as the subscription mail links etc), called from a browser where authentication against SDN did not happen until then, lead to a redirect to “/community [original link is broken]” and this ending with “Error: ID -1 is not valid.” :-((( That’s really sad… Once calling such a link in a browser instance where authentication already happened (with the first call), it works. That cannot be that hard to repair… please please please…
    Best regards, Detlev