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Virus Scan Service for the Knowledge Management and Collaboration of SAP EP 6.0

  The Virus Scan Service is a service which allows you to check the documents stored in the KM of the Portal for viruses.   The main Content Management components of the Virus Scan service are as follows:  •Virus Scan Service and Virus Content FilterVirus Scan ReportsVirus Scan Service is a global CM service.  Virus scan service and virus content filter implement the basic functionality of scanning CM resources and accessing the virus scan service.  The configuration of virus scan service and virus content filter is done through the Configuration Framework. There are other configurations, provided by virus scanner profiles and virus scanner groups.   The second CM component of the virus scan service is the virus scan report and it can be scheduled to run once or could be scheduled to run regularly.  The virus scan report allows deleting infected documents and cleaning infected documents.  Virus scan global service is part of the CM global service and this is the main component through which other CM components access the virus scan functionality.   The following diagram explains the architecture of the Virus Scan Service. image Virus Scan Service and Filter Configuration: The configuration of the Virus Scan service can be done from System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management -> Global Services -> Virus Scan Service  Virus Filter can run in two different modes: • Check on write (Check immediately when file is written)• Check on read (Store file without checking)  Virus Scan Service Parameters: The following are the service parameters for virus scan service: • Active – Activates or deactivates the Virus scan functionality inside CM• Memory Count   – Maximum number of parallel counts• Memory Limit (KB) – This parameter with Memory count specifies the maximum of memory consumption• Path for Temporary Files – This specifies the location of temporary files.• File Count – Maximum number of parallel temporary files • Maximum File Size (MB) – Maximum file system space required is: File Count * Maximum File Size  Virus Scan Filter Parameters: The following are the filter parameters for virus scan filter:• Check Write – If checked, a virus check is carried out whenever an upload of a document into KM happens.  • Clean Viruses – If checked, virus scan service tries to clean the virus silently instead of error. • Positive List – If checked, the list of repositories is checked, else the repositories are left without checking. • Repositories – The list of repositories for which the Virus scan functionality is used for. • Virus Scan Profile – The profile that is used for scan. If empty, default profile is used.   Virus Scan Group and Profiles: Virus Scan Group defines the connection to the provider of J2EE Service scan service. Each Provider comprises Adapter and Server.  Virus scan profiles define the usage of virus scan groups. Profile Aliases can be defined for the existing profiles. Reference Profiles and Virus scan groups can be logically combined.   Virus Scan Scenarios: There are various Virus scan scenarios when the documents can be checked for viruses.  •     Online Editing •     Upload •     WebDAV  Virus checks can also happen based on Virus check Reports.   Configuration of Virus scanner:  The configuration of Virus scan provider is done via ConfigTool and Visual Administrator (J2EE Services). The Virus Scan Provider consists of Virus Scan Adapter and Virus Scan Server.   Virus Scan Provider scans the data for viruses in two ways:    1) As a library on the local J2EE server node. This is the Virus Scan Adapter.    2) As a call to external scan server. This is the Virus Scan Server.  The following are the steps involved in the configuration of SAP Virus Scanner:  • Start the configuration using the SAP J2EE Visual Administrator tool        •     Configure the Virus Scanner Group first. Each Virus Scanner Group consists of one or more Virus Scanner Provider. The following screenshot explains you how to configure the virus scanner group. image The next configuration step is to configure the Virus Scan Provider. The screenshot below explains you the same. image Select the group, which was created before and specify the path to the corresponding adapter library. image Configure the Virus scan group in the ConfigUI of KMC imageConfigure the Virus Scan Profile in the ConfigUI of KMC imageConfigure the Virus Scan Service in the ConfigUI of KMC image This completes the complete configuration of Virus Scan service.
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  • Dear Sunitha,

    Your blog on EP virus scan service is quite descriptive & helpful.

    Unfortunately I am not able to see the nodes/links as shown in your screen shots in my EP system. E.g. There is no ‘Virus scanner’ service under System administration>System config> Knowledge management > Configuration > Content management > Global services.
    I am using EP 6.0 SP 2.
    Also i didnt see any node for configuring Virus scan provider in J2EE Visual Admin.

    Is there any minimum service pack level for configuring Virus scanner in EP 6.0?


  • Thanks for the detailed steps. It is very helpful.

    But couple of questions?

    a) What are the different virus scan service providers for EP now? Does it come with EP automatically or we need to purchase something else?

    b) How the virus definition file updation takes places? Does it also happens automatically.