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Time for smart decisions

TechEd is a great conference but for me it is a bit too big. All I really need is BI but SAP also has the right conference for me.  From Oct 20 to Oct 21 there is SAP Business Intelligence & Analytics conference in Dusseldorf. I was at the last one in Berlin and it was great. Lots of news about the new BI release, all the experts from SAP development and and a great chance to get a good overview over what happens in the SAP BI world today.   I won’t give any recommendations here about what to look at but here is a first look at the sessions I will likely visit: Oct 20th A1-Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA)-Enabled Analytics I’d really like to know what ESA gives to Business Intelligence. And Gerd is a good presenter so I’m really looking forward to seeing this presentation. I’d also like to see D1 so I’ll have to talk about it with my colleagues.  E2-Metadata Management with SAP Netweaver: The Key to Information Metadata Management, especially Change Management is always a bit tricky in BW. I heard that there are new features available with SAP Netweaver 04s and I hope I see them here.  D3-The Enterprise Data Warehouse – from Concept to Implementation or E3-Integration scenarios: SAP NetWeaver BI & SAP NetWeaver XI I try to sell the EDW to all my customers because they are so big that they need something like that. When you look at the posters of their IT landscape you sometimes start screaming. But I’d also like to know more about XI so I’ll decide when I’m there.  F4-Integrated Analysis Authorizations im SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 A new authorization concept? I guess you need to know what it’s about. Or I’ll visit D4.  B5-Arla Foods simplifies Globalized Reporting with Cognos and SAP Too often I’ve heard the question: ‘Should we do Cognos or SAP?’ I hope I have some new arguments after this presentation.  Oct 21st F6-Reliable Data For Making The Right Decisions: Data Quality Management with SAP NetWeaver BI Rudolf Hennecke is one of my favourite Walldorf colleagues and data quality management is a hot topic in BI everywhere, so this is a must do.  Note: The Meet-The-Expert sessions were always crowded in Berlin so I hope they have bigger rooms this time. But I’ll be there early anyway.  E7-Enhanced Capabilities for a Layered SAP BW Architecture with SAP NetWeaver 2004s I have learned the hard way that a Layered Architecture is the way to go in BW. Anything that enhances the capabilities in this field is good news.  A8-Introduction of a Management Information System for the Supply Chain based on the SAP Balanced Scorecard Application I worked on this project for the last year and we did some really great solutions there so there is no way to pass this. If you aren’t interested in SEM-CPM I’d recommend G8.  Track 9 – I don’t know yet. Depends on my Aeroplane.  I hope I see some of the SDN members there. You can mail me before so that we can schedule a meeting. If you don’t speak German, Track A-D are simultaneously translated to English, so you should enjoy the days anyway. And the last hint: Don’t skip the evening event on thursday, in Berlin it was loud but lots of fun.  Best regards    Dirk
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  • Hi Dirk,

    Do you know if there is a chance that the presentations from this conference will be made available on the SDN some time later?

  • Hi Dirk,

    Perhaps you should share your experience in weblogs regarding layered architectures for BW, and the pros and cons.
    All the best for the conference. I wish I could come but there is a client engagement coming up. So do keep posting on SDN on the latest in BI.