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Way overdue the second part of the SDN Forum statistics. The best of the best. In Forum Stats I: Worst of the Best SDN Forums we looked at the worst of the best SDN Forums worst as in most open threads and best as in getting at least 5 posts per day, which is quite good by itself. Almost two month later we are looking at the top SDN Forums with the fewest unanswered questions.

But first lets take a look at the old numbers and see if we have improved:

The 5 worst of the best 27 SDN forums regarding open questions in %:

Really not bad. There was an impressive 10% improvement at the SAP NetWeaver Application Server forum. Thanks to the following top contributors: 1 Craig Cmehil 236; 2 Gregor Wolf 202; 3 Tiest van Gool 162 ; 4 Ivaylo Ivanov 128; 5 Vladimir Pavlov 116.

The only down side is that we fell even more behind with SAP CRM: Webclient UI – Framework from 30% to 33%. It may be because we moved the forum under the /community [original link is broken] section and renamed it to SAP CRM: Webclient UI – Framework. All the data for this post is from week 38. I just checked this number for last week and hurray, we are already down to 25%, which means that even there we are on track to single digits in the not too distant future 🙂

You may remember that there also was the /community [original link is broken] forum being the doormat of SDN with 65% of all questions unanswered even after 30 days. It is not listed above because there is not enough traffic on it. I am very happy to announce that we are down by 35% to 30% unanswered questions (Last week even better: 21% excellent). This is quite amazing and thanks to the following top 5 posters in this forum: 1 Craig Cmehil 204; 2 Eddy De Clercq 68; 3 Durairaj Athavan Raja 60; 4 $udhir Porumamilla 50; 5 Gregor Wolf 34. (We should have a view on the last 30 days too.)

Now without any further ado the best of the best or all SDN Forums with more than 5 posts per day and single digit threads without any answers:

And who is the master of the BI forum Data Warehousing? Of course Roberto Negro who has almost twice as many points as Bhanu Gupta or Dinesh Lalchand 2nd and 3rd who both have way over 1000 points too. These BI folks are hard to beat. Check out the SDN Spotlight: Roberto Negro Roberto gave which is currently still on our Contributor Corner as well as in a SDN Spotlight: Roberto Negro .

In general I think single digit forums are amazing and thank you SDNers who take the time out of your busy schedule to answer questions on SDN. Doesn’t it beat doing crosswards puzzle any time 🙂

Tune in next time when we will look at the most active SDN Forum. Hands down over 1/4 of all SDN posts are posted there, and I know you know which one that is. But which forum is clocking in as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place. Answers in the not so distant future in a Weblog post right here on SDN.

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  1. Brian McKellar
    > The 5 worst of the best 27 SDN forums
    > regarding open questions in %:
    >  CRM Development was 30% now 33%

    Hmmm…somehow I fail to agree with this sentence above. What I see is that in the CRM forum there are 66% threads with answers! Sure, it is not 100%, but there is a place where people can ask questions, and very good number of them are been answered. And from my viewpoint, each question answered is a small victory on the long road to success for SDN.

    The above statistics sure mock the hard work been done by thousands of other people in SDN, often (usually!) on personal time. Is it not enough? Is not already each question answered very good, or does only making the top10 qualify for acknowledgement? Working the trenches changes the viewpoint on statistics. I would prefer to see the success rates (questions answered), and accept that striving for perfection requires time and commitment over the long haul. And until then, of course there will be unanswered questions.

    brian (on private time giving a private opinion)


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