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SAP TechEd 2005 Boston: A Look Back

Another TechEd has come and gone. Looking back on the week I couldn’t imagine having a more successful week. My only regret is that I didn’t get to attend as many sessions as I would have liked. If this TechEd had one problem – it was that there was so much content that you couldn’t possibly take it all in during the week. Lecture and hands-on sessions, evening events like BOYB Portal Party and the Demo Jam, Birds of Feather, ASUG sessions, Influence Council meetings, SDN contributor meetings: there was somthing for eveyone.

If you are looking for pictures from from the event check out the Flickr sapteched tag as usual. Now I know that more people took pictures than already out there. If you don’t want to sign up for a Flickr account to upload pictures that you took from the event, you can email me your pictures and I will upload them under my Pro account.

On a personal note, I finally got to meet Craig, just one of many fellow SDN contributors that I had never had the opportunity to meet in person. Although we were both fairly busy and didn’t get nearly as much time to chat as eithor of would have liked, we still did manage to get a picture together. We had to squeeze it in quickly on Thursday afternoon. I think Mark would have been rather angry with us both had we not gotten the picture.


I have already written about two of the great evening events: the SAP TechEd 2005 Boston: Demo Jam and the SAP TechEd Boston: BOYB Portal Party. However the best part of the week came at the end. On Thrusday and Friday I got the opportunity to attend two 4 hour hands-on sessions about WebDynpro ABAP. After a long wait, WDA is finally ready to ship (it is just a matter of days till NetWeaver04S ships to Ramp-Up customers). These hands-on sessions no only gave a great introduction to the new tools, but also got fairly deeping into creating applicaitons.


So after being able to spend 8 hours with WDA and actaully writting some applications – what do I have to say: Wow. I had bit of an impression of what I throught WDA would be, but I have to say that the final product exceeds expectations. I can’t wait to begin exploring some of the more advanced features – ALV Grid, Select-Options, Value Help, extreme levels of personalization. All things that the community has wanted in BSP for years.

More exciting however was how fast I felt comfortable within the new tool. No doubt time spent developing Stateful BSP applications using MVC and HTMLB were an excellent way to get ready for WDA.




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  • Can’t wait to see Webdynpro for ABAP. I have been playing around with Webdynpro for Java but always nice to have the same in ABAP. Afterall, we are ABAP fans aren’t we:-)

    Thanks for the post and hope to see more blogs in ABAP Webdynpro soon from you 🙂


    • >Can’t wait to see Webdynpro for ABAP.
      Maybe we should start a forum thread about downporing this tool to lower releases:-)))))… sorry, just kidding.

      Thomas thanks to the screen shots, it seems SE80 changed a little bit in WAS 7.00.


        • The only version of AS-ABAP that supports WebDynpro ABAP is Netweaver04S. This release is actually still in ramp-up and if you check the service marketplace, I believe that it is schedule for general availability in 2nd quarter of this year (please check the service marketplace at all times for release availability). 

          Netweaver04S is the technology core for the ERP version 2004, which might also be known as ECC 6.0 (at least the parts that were formerly know as R/3). 

  • Hi Thomas,
    I second your thoughts on WebDynpro for ABAP, I did the 2 hands on workshops at Vienna, apart from the architectural hitches which seemed to plague all the hands on workshops I did, I was really happy and look forward to developing with it in the future.

    The one thing that wasn’t addressed in the sessions was Separation Of Concerns using a business model. WebDynpro for JAVA requires a model and MVC BSP provides a model class which makes binding a breeze. I searched around and there seems to be nothing applicable for ABAP WD, hopefully someone will correct me on this.

    My highlight for TechEd was the Demo Jam night, the demo on voice interation came a close second to the demo on the new ABAP workbench and rightly so. Hats off to the SAP software engineers, cant wait to start using it.

    • >The one thing that wasn’t addressed in the sessions was Separation Of Concerns using a business model

      I think this had more to do with the nature of the examples used in the hands-on.  I think the focus was to demonstrate the tools without having to have too much MVC background (which the class did very well).  I will be converting a few BSP MVC applications to WebDynpro ABAP, I too am going to be looking at how I might separate my business logic.  Already there is the ability to map in an RFC call.  I was thinking maybe of even taking my existing BSP Model Classes and seeing if I could easily hook those into the component controller. 

      • I guess your right about the context of the workshops.

        I wasn’t paying too much attention to the marketing,  I tried and I got a headache. What release does Webdynpro ABAP go GA – 640s, 7.0, 2005, 2006.

        Maybe you should start a directive to get this backwards compatible given Webdynpro ABAP was available in early releases of 640.

        What happened to the Dynpro – Webdynpro conversion tool.

        • WebDynpro will go GA (early next calendar year) as part of NetWeaver04S (all of this according to the Service Marketplace and some of the presetnations at TechEd).  Technically NetWeaver04S is WebAS 7.0 and will be the NetWeaver layer for the 2005 Business releases (ERP 2005 – ECC 6.0). 

          >Maybe you should start a directive to get this backwards compatible given Webdynpro ABAP was available in early releases of 640.

          As nice as that would be, this is a little different beast than the ABAP editor.  It would basically mean backporting the entire 7.0 release.  What would be nice is if SAP offered a NetWeaver Upgrade path for business applications.  For instance if you just implemented ECC 5.0 (ERP2004) this year, you could upgrade the netweaver components to NetWeaver04S without having to go through a functional upgrade.  Then again you can always run a standalone WebAS/NetWeaver04S system against any supported R/3 release.  Imagine writting ABAP WebDynpro apps against a 4.6C backend system.  🙂

        • >What happened to the Dynpro – Webdynpro conversion tool.

          OSS Note 853571 (Release Restr.: Usage Type AS-ABAP of SAP NetWeaver 2004s)
                 No release                                                       
          Web Dynpro ABAP Conversion                                              
          ( Changed at 14.09.2005 )                                               
          The originally planned dynpro conversion functionality which converts an
          existing screen based ABAP program (transaction) into a running Web     
          Dynpro for ABAP component will not be released with SAP NetWeaver 2004s.
          There are no plans to support this in a future release either. However, 
          a pure design time conversion tool, which allows the reuse of the layout
          of an existing screen will be part of Web Dynpro for ABAP. The Dynpro   
          design time conversion generates Web Dynpro (for ABAP) view metadata    
          from the screen sources of an ABAP program. It is a pure design  time   
          tool and does not provide any runtime support for the generated Web     
          Dynpro for ABAP objects, in particular, converting flow logic of the    
          screen program and calling ABAP modules is out of scope.                 “