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Migration of KM and Collaboration content from EP 5.0 to NW ‘ 04 — Part 1

Planning and Preparation Phases:

Basic Preparations:

  1. Create the full backup of the systems, the source and the target system.

  2. Get the migration documentation

  3. Refer SAP Note:  732461 for EP5 SP6 -> NW’04

  Note:  You can check the status of the database and configuration migration to the target system from System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Component Monitor

Preparation steps for CM Cluster:

  1.  Stop all the cluster instances of the source system in order to avoid any write access to the CM configuration files

  2.  Since all the cluster nodes uses the same CM configuration files, they need to be migrated only once

Preparation steps for migration of customer specific development:

  1.  Customer specific CM components usually contain own XML configuration files and Java archives (JAR files). During the migration, only the XML configuration part is migrated, but not the Java archives. You have to manually migrate the Java archives

  2.  Deployment of CM related Java archives is different in NW’04 compared to EP 5.0

  3.  Migration of the development environment is a prerequisite to work with the customer specific development components in NW’04

  4.  Due to backward compatibility of the standard API, customer specific components, which use the former standard API, should not be affected

Initial setup for the migration of the customer specific development on the target NW’04 system:

  1.  Setup a new development environment for NW’04

  2.  Make EP 5.0 based development code running in NW’04 by testing and debugging it in test environment.

  3.  Deploy the customer specific components on NW’04

Migration tools available for the migration of knowledge management and collaboration content:

   The migration tools are available at Service Market Place. In order to download migration tools go to and log into Service Market place.

  Go to Download -> Support Packages and Patches -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP Netweaver -> SAP Netweaver -> SAP Netweaver’04 -> Entry by Component -> EP Migration -> NW’04 SR1 EP5 Migration -> OS independent and download KMCMIGTOOL_8-10003063.sar file.



  You can extract this archive with SAPCAR. For more information please refer to the SAP note:  212876.

   In order to download SAP CAR files, go to download -> Support Packages and Patches -> Entry by Application Group -> Additional Components -> SAP CAR -> SAP CAR 6.40.


The archive KMCMIGTOOL_8-10003063.sar contains Configuration Export and Migration Exporter tools for the migration.

Overview of the Knowledge Management Migration Tools:

DB Migration Tool:

  1.  Migration tool directly connects to the source DB

  2.  It uses open SQL to write data to the target DB

Migration Flow:

  1.  First determine the servlet path of the source system defined in the configuration file

  2.  Shut down the source portal (except database)

  3.  Execute the migration tools (Configuration Export Tool and Migration Exporter) on the source system

  4.  Execute the migration tools on the target system (generate reports, merge directories, DB and configuration migration)

  5.  Do not start the source portal before finishing the DB migration.

   This completes the planning and preparation phases of the migration of Knowledge Management and Collaboration content from EP 5.0 to NW’04. I will explain how to use these migration tools, which we downloaded, to transfer the content in my next weblog.

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