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Language inventor or serial killer?

As you might have noticed already, I’m rather interested in the history of computing. I’ve X books and videos on this matter. In spite of it’s relatively short history lots of things have happened, and not necessarily for the good. It is striking how, depending on the source and where the writer is from, facts are sometimes stated quite differently.

Anyway, I came accross this nice quiz the other day. It’s a variant of those classic tests where one needs to specify which statement is true. In this test you need to say whether the picture shown belongs to a language inventor or a serial killer.

I know, it isn’t directly SAP related (at first sight).  However I saw for myself that SAP/SDN people like having fun when I saw what a large crowd was playing (arcade) games at the TechEd evening party and attended the magnificant SDN Trivia Quiz by Craig in the SDN Clubhouse (it’s on SDN TV soon).

Photo by Gregor Wolf

So I thought you might find this interesting too and enjoy it. If not, I’m sorry. I won’t be making a habit of this kind of post anyway. Without further ado, here is the link. The new formatting SDN: Weblogs and Formatting! prevent me including it in this web log, but that doesn’t spoil the fun and the educational aspect.

PS. I had 9/10 at my first try.

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