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Memory consumption by your SAP WebAS 6.4 ABAP instance.″ width=”235″/>″ width=”235″/> You wonder if your installation is running fine on your PC at home? Do you know if you have memory enough? According to SAP postings, the WebAS ABAP edition (preview) should be installed on a computer with 2 Gb of RAM. I don’t have all this memory yet (ordered already), so memory consumption on my server has been something I have spent time monitoring. I am going to show you how to see how much memory is used by your WebAS. First, press CTRL + ALT + DEL to open your WINDOWS TASK MANAGER. Click on PERFORMANCE TAB. You should have a screen like this: image Look at the PAGE FILE USAGE HISTORY. There you have a graph with the total memory consumed. On its left side, you have our main indicator, the PF USAGE. That represents how much memory is used at that particular point in time. Now, I’ve just booted and the WebAS instance is not up. That is why I have only 181 MB OF memory consumed. Now, start your SAPMMC. image This increases the consumption by just a little. image Now, start your SAP instance and see what happens… image As you can see below, the Consumed memory jumped to 1.12 GB.(see the jump on the history) That means that your system is using diskspace to make up for not enough RAM. That is not good… image It is clear that 1 GB may be able to run the system, but 2 GB is definetely recommended. I have not even started the SAP Gui yet…
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