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Testing ABAP Mapping

There have been couple of queries in the XI forums on how to go about testing ABAP Mapping. This weblog will assist you guys in how to test your ABAP Mapping using the transaction, SXI_MAPPING_TEST.  I have taken the same example scenario as explained in the excellent guide available on SDN, ‘How to Use ABAP-Mapping in XI3.0’.  The pre-requisite is that you must have created your scenario as explained in the guide.   Once the scenario is created, run the transaction SXI_MAPPING_TEST in your XI box. The initial screen will look like the figure below, where you can fill in the Sender and Receiver details and execute it.  Note:You can get the information from your Sender Agreement and Receiver Agreement in the Integration Directory image In the next screen load your input XML file and execute it. image The final screen will have a message, Services Processed Without Errorimage Check for any errors or issues by clicking on the options in the left-hand frame like, ‘Payload Before Service’, ‘Payload After Service’ etc.  Hope this weblog was useful.  
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  • I expected a little more meat in the blog, rather than just saying how to use the transaction SXI_MAPPING_TEST.

    Probably you can do a comparison between the Java mapping, XSLT mapping and ABAP mapping and let us know the performance results.