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Quick get your SDN Points T-Shirt in Boston

We know that we don’t have the process down yet to timely get you your well deserved points t-shirts. But if you are in Boston swing by the SDN Clubhouse and get yours. Today is the last day that it is open.



  Check your latest points statistics on the SDN Home Page. If you presented at TechEd or in the Clubhouse you may have gotten additional points that put you over to the next level. As they are: 1/4K, 1/2K, 1K, 2K, 5K. Maximilian Moder went from 1/2K to 1K only recently.


We also have some of the I’m blogging this on SDN T-Shirts in Boston. If you are one of our SDN Bloggers and you want to look as cool as Thomas Jung, you have to pick your’s up at the SDN Clubhouse.


Please don’t forget to post sightings of these T-Shirts on Flickr with the tag: sdntshirt. It looks to me as if people are too busy at TechEd to take and post pictures. Being remote, that is unfortunate.

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    • The idea is that you end up with a shirt each time you cross one of the lines.

      We just have lots of logistic problems to work out with the shirts is all so it’s taking us much longer to get them sent out than we originally planned for.