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Running multiple versions of Netweaver Developer Studio on one developer PC – another approach

In his Running multiple versions of Netweaver Developer Studio on one developer PC from Aug. 09, 2005 Daniel Wirbser figured out a solution for running different NWDS on one PC.

I used another approach in the past which I describe here.

After installing a SAP IDE first go to the installation folder (typically c:program filesSAPJDT).

Rename the folder to …JDT_SPxx. This makes sure that following SAP IDE installations will not overwrite the old one because the IDE is always installed into …JDT (maybe the installation path is also configurable in the installation program, I don´t remember).


Then you have to adjust the shortcuts that were created during setup of the IDE according to the new folder.


Now you can work within the IDE of your choice.

Working at different customers with different JDIs?

If you have to connect to different JDIs because e.g. you are working for differnt customers you have to keep in mind the following things.

1. Set the SLD server URL according to the customer/project you are working at.


2. To avoid long connecting times to the DTR move the folders under <%userhome%>/.dtc that you currently don´t need into another folder (I use <%userhome%>/.dtc_copy) before starting the IDE.

This assures that the IDE does not try to connect to each DTR server that you have ever worked with.

To avoid further problems if you are importing new development configurations you should leave the folders that names are numbers (e.g. 0, 1, 2) in the .dtc folder and just move all the files under these folders to your temporary folder.

The following graphic shows a screenshot of my .dtc and .dtc_copy folders. As you can see I rename the folders in the .dtc_copy folder so that I can quickly see at which server and for which development configuration it is used.



This approach, compared to Daniels, has the advantage that all your settings inside the IDE that you make under “Windows – Preferences” work in each IDE installation.

The disadvantage is that you have to do some manual action each time you´re starting the IDE at another customer site.

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