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An Interactive Adobe Form and MDM scenario

Several colleagues ask me the same question : “What is a good way to enter my Master Data into SAP MDM remotely ?”. One way will be to use Adobe Interactive Form. You can have a Web Dynpro application displaying an Abobe Form or simply have a form on pdf file that will be your Master Data entry form.

On the picture below, you see two ways of using Adobe form. The first one on the left will be an adobe form inside a Wed Dynpro (WD) application, it is an online scenario. This WD will have a Web Service (WS) model for passing the data to an EJB that is exposed as a WS. This EJB will use a Business Object (BO) that will use the Java MDM API for entering the Master Data into SAP MDM.

The second way is a bit different. No use of Web Dynpro for runtime. You will have a pdf form file (Master Data entry form) displayed by acrobat reader that can be filled while you are offline. When you are online , you press on a submit button on the form and the form will invoke a WS on the SAP application server. This WS is implemented by an EJB and call a BO responsible for entering the data into MDM using the Java MDM API.

I hope that these scenarios provided you some ideas on how to design part of your next MDM project.

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  • Another way will be in the Business Object to generate an XML file containing the master data and put it at a specific place where MDM can pick it up and extract the data from it (xml mapping).