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What is UDDI ?

What is UDDI?

    UDDI stands for Universal Description, Discovery and Integration. It is a specification for service description and discovery. It is a shared operation of a business strategy with industry support on which even competitors are working jointly working together. UDDI consists of a service directory.

What is Service Directory?

    It shows the service providers and the services they offer.

Who is Service Provider?

    Service Provider describes their business and the services they offer by publishing this information to service provider. Then Service Requestor searches the Service Directory in order to discover suitable Service Providers and their services. Once service provider discovered suitable services, they can invoke these services at an access points provided by the service providers.

What is the role of SAP J2EE engine?

    SAP J2EE engine provides full UDDI functionality. It can be used for publishing, browsing and retrieving Web services based on standard UDDI APIs.

What is Web service Registry and what it provides?

    Web service registry is a service directory where service providers and their services are listed.

UDDI business registry provides three types of information:

1. White Pages:

   They are registries sorted by provider name.

2. Yellow Pages:

   They are registries sorted by categories.

3. Green Pages:

   They are registries which contain technical details of services provided.

General Terminology related to UDDI:

Business Entity:

    It represents a Web service provider and contains master data about the business and its contacts.

Business Service:

   It represents logical grouping of web services and provides descriptive information about a particular service.

Binding Template:

    It represents a web service end point.


   It represents a web service type.

UDDI Architecture:


Web User Interface:

    User interface for UDDI server is UDDI client. It enables you to perform browser search and publish data on UDDI server.

Access UDDI client by following url:


Note:  Host and port as configured in the Visual administrator.


   UDDI server can be configured either manually through the browser or through the client programs using web service APIs. To access the UDDI registry, client uses SOAP through HTTP.

   UDDI provides an inquiry API and publishing API as a web service.

Accessing APIs:

    Inquiry API:  http://host:port/uddi/api/inquiry

    Publishing API:  http://host:port/uddi/api/publish


    Data of UDDI registry is usually stored in a relational database. SAPDB is supported database instance.

UDDI Logic:

   UDDI Logic implements the search and publication functions defined in the standard version.

  This completes the overview of UDDI and general terminologies used in UDDI along with the architecture.

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