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MDM as a core NetWeaver component II: Base Repositories using XML Schemas

As I commented on my previous MDM as a core NetWeaver component MDM and XI conform a powerful resource for system integration. The first part is to stablish a base repository on MDM and create data exchange standards that must be complied in order for this to happen. This can be done using XML Schemas.

h3. 1. Business Scenario

There is the need for data consolidation into one single MDM repository, integrating data from several sources. You already have the new design for this repository and you want to create it using the MDM console manager. Using XI, you know that MDM will receive all the data from the agencies in XML format. There is an XML schema that must be used for compatibility’s sake.

2. Introduction

The MDM console manager from is used for repository creation and mounting. Even tough there’s no need to use an XML schema for data structure, it helps maintaining integrity while data is coming back and forth from the repository. It also adds simplicity when dealing with foreign data structures.

An XML schema defines customized rules for any XML file, such as for structure, content and semantics. XML Schema was approved as a W3C Recommendation on 2 May 2001 and can be used now as a standard for XML data manipulation.

3. Step by step repository creation

The first thing to do is to open the MDM console and mount an MDM server. Once the server is up and running, a new repository must be created.


Now we must provide the correct information for MDM to connect to the installed MS SqlServer, that is, the name of the server, login and password.

A name for the new repository must be specified. MDM checks for duplicated repository names so they must be all unique. If a name does not appear in the list of available repositories and yet, MDM says the name has been taken before, it’s convenient to check if there are still dependencies under MS SqlServer.


Under the newly created repository there are some predefined tables that were created too. The Admin branch will allow us to manipulate basic user permissions, create agencies, roles, track modifications and also, use an XML schema for data structure.



XML can be used now with XI and MDM to control the flow of data. Any number of xml files can be selected now for import and syndicate, and they all will be according to the xml schema.

Schemas are crucial for Syndicating data, otherwise we can only export using flat text files, or create a new structure from anew.


XI can then take the generated xml files and distribute them into the different data sources. The following step now is to map the importing and syndicating files. Both actions take advantage of XML schemas. I’ll post this process on my next weblog.

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