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SAP TechEd Vienna Here We come …

Finally I am on the road or actually in the air to the first SAP TechEd this year. Lots of preparation from many people went into it and just by looking at our Wiki  one can see that we are having some real interesting content and fun filled days ahead of us.

In the SDN Clubhouse which will be in the center of the exhibition hall, we are introducing a couple of new events. We had Birds of a Feather(BOFs) sessions last year too, but very late and after Demo Jam it was too much for most.  This year we are having the them throughout the days competing with the main program. Most of the BOFs are run by members of the SDN community. Often well known SDN Bloggers.

We have also some SDN Minisessons prepared, short 15 minute presentation highlighting aspects of SDN. They are repeated throughout the three days of TechEd, so if you have some slow time in your schedule come by the SDN Clubhouse and listen to one of these.

Totally new and also mostly from the community are our SDN Top Contributor Q&A sessions. The idea came last year when Brian McKellar was doing his BoF and most people in the audience were patiently waiting until the end to ask their specific questions. How about right away opening the floor for the questions? To hear real world problems and their solutions from an expert is very educational. I am very curious how these sessions will work out. Don’t miss the chance to ask the best    SDNers. It’s like a golfer having the chance to play a round with  Tiger Woods.

My only fear is, that TechEd participants who are not as familiar with SDN and our Wiki will not know about and miss out on these great sessions. So please spread the word and see you at the SDN Clubhouse.

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