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imageIt’s a low down shameless plug but considering how proud I am to have finally finished I just couldn’t resist letting people know about it.

Most know I am always in the Scripting Languages forum here and most also know I’ve written a few Weblogs related to PHP and SAP about PHP as well as pushed a contest or two. Well this is one of the reasons, although I am not a lifer in terms of the PHP world I am an advocate and I enjoy using it quite a bit. When SAP Press approached me about the idea I jumped, OK, not literally but I thought “man I would love to write something about the topic” and thus began a journay which came to a conclusion with my sending of the 1st Draft and now awaiting the “typoproof”, I think they called it that. What is really cool though is that you can already reserve copies online at their German website or on their US website.

The book is not something I did together with SAP this was already in the works before I came on board, but because I believe so strongly in the community here I want to let you all know now that once the book is published I personally will offer up the chance for someone to win a copy (signed if they actually want)!

So now the book is at the publisher’s and I am just waiting for it to come back hacked to pieces for me to make all the corrections then I think December is the planned printing date, you can check the websites for more information!

Now in Vienna in the SDN Clubhouse if you’d like to hear more about how I got involved in this please stop by and see me, SAP PRESS will be there at TechEd as well and perhaps I can introduce you to someone if you feel you have something to write about as well!

If you do buy a copy, check the appendix near the end, SDN is in there as well 🙂

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  1. Kamaljeet Kharbanda
    Congrats Craig.

    Hope to see more books from you in future.

    I started my SDN journey from your weblogs only; your contribution to BSP forum is immeasurable (43 weblogs on BSP forum).

    Good to see you pouring invaluable contributions to others via alternative media (books) ļ

  2. Hello Craig,

    From Forums to Weblogs to SDN to a Book. You’ve come a long way. I’m very happy to be a member of the same community as you. And I’m very eager to meet you here in Bangalore at the TechEd.

    Since I’m not much into BSP and PHP, I’m not asking you for a copy of this book right now (you can bet that I will, very soon:-) ). But I don’t mind having a small treat from you at “Napper Tandys” in Heidelberg when I come there :-).


    Anand Mandalika.


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