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XI: How-to on JDBC receiver response

The weblog helps you in performing a synchronous call to an external system which has an undocumented response message format. The challenge here is to construct the response message type to perform a synchronous call successfully.  An approach has been suggested for synchronous DB calls. The same scenario can be extended to any other application. 


The sender initiates a synchronous call (by sending User Details (Username, password) to XI and the Response Details (role) are fetched from DB and sent back to the requesting application.

Fig 1.0 Synchronous DB scenario

Sequence of steps

Design Time

  1. For the Request message, create the required Data type, Message Type.
  2. The Response message is unknown, so create a Dummy Data type and a message type.
  3. Design Message Mappings– Request message mapping and Dummy Response message mapping.
  4. image
    Fig 2.0 Request Messge Mapping
    Fig 3.0 Response Message Mapping

  5. Design Outbound Message Interface.
  6. image
    Fig 4.0 Outbound Message Interface

  7. Design Inbound Message Interface. Notice that the dummy message type has been specified in Inbound Message Interface
  8. image
    Fig 5.0 Inbound Message Interface

  9. Design Interface Mappings.
  10. image
    Fig 6.0 Interface Mapping

Configuration Time

Create the required receiver determination, Interface determination & mapping and receiver Agreements.
Fig 7.0 Configuration Objects


  1. Run the scenario by sending a request to XI Server.
  2. image
    Fig 8.0 Message Monitoring in sxmb_moni

  3. In SXMB_MONI, you will find that the response message mapping has failed.
  4. image
    Fig 9.0 Error Message due to mapping exception

  5. Copy the XML message and build your Data type, message type and Messgae Interface accordingly. Replace the Dummy message with hte newly created message type
  6. image
    Fig 10.0 Response Message type Structure

  7. Now change the Message mappings and test your scenario again.
  8. image
    Fig 11.0 Corresponding new Response DataType


You should now be able to perform a synchronous call to an external system which has an undocumented response message format.

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