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XI-BI Integration

This weblog is continuation of my SAP NetWeaver…..complete information integration platform, where I discussed different Integration Scenarios for NetWeaver platform(XI-MDM-BI-EP Integration).

In this weblog I am covering steps which are required in the XI-BI integration on BW system and also the conceptual steps which are required on XI system for the integration of XI-BI.

For loading data (XML) into BW using XI, these are the steps which are required:

  • Activation of data transfer to Delta Queue.
  • Creation of outbound message interface in the XI Integration Repository.
  • Implementation of server Proxy in BW system.
  • Implement the inbound message interface for recipient processing at Proxy.
  • Configuring XI (routing and mapping which is required to integrate XI with BI).
  • Sending of XML data to BW using XI runtime infrastructure.



      1. Configuring XI

        Configuring XI for XI-BI Integration involves following steps:

      1. Adding Inbound Interface namespace.
      2. Creating communication channel for BW system.
      3. Maintaining communication channel parameters.
      4. Creation of virtual sender.
      5. Adding Outbound Interface to namespace.
      6. Creation of receiver determination.
      7. Creation of Interface determination.
      1. Sending XML data to BW.

        Below is the XML Schema, in which I used the same fields, as I defined in the communication structure of created info source.


    The created XML file have to send to XI Integration Server which will perform the further data transfer to BW system. We can also write simple javascript code for verification purpose.



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    • Gud stuff on BI-XI Integration.

      I suggest you to add “target=_blank” link in “Previos weblog” so that it opens in a new window instead of opening in the same window.

      –Siva Maranani.

    • Hi kamaljeet,
      A very very useful blog.Thanks for writing it.But I am little bit confused that if BW system generates a RFC function module which can fill the delta queue,then we can call this RFC itself from Xi. Why are we calling a proxy and then calling RFC in proxy.


      • Hi Yomesh,

        We can tranfer data using SOAP based services and using web services also, but SAP XI comes into picture when Full Quality of service is required. And these ensures only when creating proxies during SAP XI adn SAP BW. Proxies are executable components for the interfaces for communication with the SAP XI Integration server that are generated in the application systems. If communication takes place Via an RFC or SOAP Adapter, Full quality of service is not obtained.

        Kamaljeet Singh