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XI: RFC Mapping lookups (from BC to XI?)

Do you remember this screen?


Do you remember the hours/years you’ve spent with this tool? If so then you’ll understand me…
and my little mission 🙂 In this weblog I’ll try to compare mapping lookups from BC
with the one that XI gives us and maybe draw our Big Brother’s attention to this subject:)

If we wanted to use a lookup with the help of RFC from BC we could do it quite easily:

Step 1

We had to create an RFC which changed the values (in my example I’m using material number mapping).


Step 2

Then we had to import the RFC signature into BC repository:

– Adapters


– Lookup


Step 3

We could test our function from BC (the test scenario was generated automatically).


Step 4

We also had to create an Outbound map (in our case SAP BC is calling SAP)
that is specify where BC should generate it.


Step 5

and… that’s all… now we could use our RFC as a transformer in our mappings.

How this can be done in XI?

If you don’t know yet, just take a look at my weblog:

RFC lookups – using new API

Basically you have to to three things :

– prepare RFC-XML

– create your user defined function

– parse the result

We don’t know if SAP plans to change/modify it. Maybe we’ll have a very similar feature
with XI SP14 or SP15 🙂 We (XI devleopers) can do lookups without automatic features
but I’m just trying to show that XI’s little (but older) brother had some very nice features too.

If we could have something like this than we could even use user function with queues.


This way we wouldn’t have to make a call after each context change but call RFC function with tables parameter
to transform all values… but this is future…or isn’t it ? 🙂

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  • Michal

    I agree that it would be nice feature to have this inbuilt in SAP.

    It would also be nicer to filter the RFCs/IDOCs while importing from the backend SAP system. Currently on importing, we get list of all available RFCs and then you have to choose the RFC we are interested in to get the signatures.

    This was not the case with BC.

    What do you think?


    • Hi Krishnakumar:)

      >>>It would also be nicer to filter the RFCs/IDOCs while importing from the backend SAP system

      sure:) this would be nice to have 🙂 

      but this automatic user function generation would be something too:)

      let’s wait & see what the future brings 🙂


  • Business Connector had it’s problems but from a usability perspective was fantastic.

    The whole idea of good middleware is to get away from coding, and RFC lookup sounds like a pretty obvious requirement for XI.

    While on the topic of future features…

    Extension of the constants concept within adapters in the ID (i.e. Constants that can be set-up differently in each landscape without modifying the IB content.  Not sure if we need an ABAP and JAVA concept as JAVA Proxies, Adapters, and mappings – both ABAP and JAVA – need a suitable constant concept within XI.  BC wasn’t perfect hear either, but a separate service sufficed in this area.  I really don’t want to have to develop a custom JAVA table in XI if possible and I INI files are less than idea.

    The standard reporting page in BC was great too.  ie. You could sit there and watch all the activity from one screen.  Another feature that would sit well in the Runtime workbench for me.

    Thanks for the blog Michal.