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SAP TechEd ’05: Book Signing? What is this?

imageYes you heard it! This year mySAP ERP For Dummies will be at TechEd and so will the authors and a table will be available for them to sign copies of the book!

Stop by the SDN Clubhouse in Vienna, Boston or in Bangalore to pick up your copy of mySAP ERP For Dummies, written by Andreas Vogel and Ian Kimbell. As an added bonus, meet the authors who will be signing copies – come and speak with the authors directly about Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP). Books will be distributed whenever the clubhouse is open, while supplies last. SAP employees should place their order through the B2B Shop. Remember to check the appropriate Clubhouse schedule for the actual times and dates the book will be available and signing will occur.

  • ERP is a flexible, open technology platform that helps businesses run more efficiently (and profitably) by providing integrated management of key operations and supply chains
  • Written for IT professionals who find it hard to get through SAP’s complex documentation, our book demonstrates how ERP can cut costs, provides a clear overview of how the ESA (enterprise service architecture) model affects ERP, and shows how to implement the new ERP in the real world
  • Topics covered include reducing the cost of an existing IT backbone, using the new ERP to address a company’s “pain points” and challenges, and proving the value of ERP through ROI (return on investment) and TCO (total cost of ownership) studies

Excerpt from Chapter 1

The leading enterprise resource planning software in the world is mySAP ERP. So, what’s the real lowdown on ERP? Software can be like a person: Unless you know where a person came from, where he grew up, what his family was like, and what he studied at school, you don’t know him. In some ways, understanding how a software product has evolved requires a similar bit of history.

To understand ERP and where it’s headed, you have to take a brief peek at its life to date. Where was ERP born, how has it grown, and what does it still have to learn to fulfill its promise?

In this chapter, we take a look at the life of ERP up until now, including SAP’s ERP offerings. Then we make some predictions about its future based on something called Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and, specifically, SAP’s Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA).

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