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Creating Contact Lists Juggling with UME Attributes and KM Properties

h2. Weblog Motivation    The combination of flexUI and metadata constitutes one of the most powerful tools in the knowledge management platform of SAP NetWeaver. The Article: href=”“>Creating Contact Lists Juggling with UME Attributes and KM Properties I wrote addressing this topic gives a reader a deep insight in some of FlexUI concepts and demonstrates how new valuable portal applications can be implemented almost with no additional coding by building on the combination of existing KM functionalities. This weblog explains some of the techniques described in the article in more detail as well as introduces some new concepts.    h2. Introduction     The business requirement is to create a portal application for maintenance of contact lists. Each business department or service unit might have its own list of contacts independent of LDAP Users & Groups and with no need for collaboration rooms. For this purpose, they would like to save their collection of contacts in specific KM folders. New (internal) contacts should be searched and selected from the LDAP via “People Picker” but each contact should also have additional properties not maintained in the Corporate LDAP.    A check of alternatives revealed that the functionality behind the “SAP Contacts” Room Part is the most suitable and can be extended for this purposes.    h2. Solution Preview     The final application must have an edit view and a list view. The edit view (shown below) should have two “buttons”: “New Internal Contact” opens the people picker as well as additional property fields. “New External Contact” allows the manual entering of all contact data. “Manual Ordering” allows sorting the contact list.   image   The list view shows the contacts in a table with all relevant information.   image
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    • Hi Robert, Gregor was right, please don’t use MS Word for your weblogs it’s a pain to clean up, I just spent 10 minutes cleaning out all the garbage MS Word stuck in. Formatting is OK now.


      • Hi Gregor & Greg,

        Thanks a lot for the tips and Craig especially you for reformatting!!! I see I have long way to go with writing Weblogs 😉
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