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SDN: Contributor’s Corner

imageNot sure if you saw it with my first SDN: Bringing you more than just the tech stuff or if you saw it when it was featured on the homepage or even in the Quick Links, but where ever you saw it you have been certainly using it, the page had almost a 1000 hits in the second week alone! This of course tells me that we must have done something right?

So why did you come to take a look, leave me a comment and tell me why, or maybe you came to just see who the lucky winner was?

Keep up the great contributing and perhaps you’ll be on the list next and have a chance to win as well, if you cross any of the “Points Lines”: 250, 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000; you’ll have a chance at winning! Now I have noticed many of you have more than one account and many of those accounts have points and together some of those accounts let you cross one of those lines, however until you contact SDN Support and ask them to consolidate those accounts I can’t help you!

imageOr maybe you came to check out the first spotlight, Detlev? This of course is any area which we plan to update every 3 weeks time permitting of course and I already have a list of several people who we want to interview. In fact the very next one will be Roberto. So be sure you jump over and check out the page each week for general updates and every three weeks for our updated spotlight!

Again though, why do you come to this site? We don’t feature any weblogs, we feature only the people, this page is for you guys and about you guys so why would developers waste their time checking it out? Personally I think it’s because in this community we’ve all grown up together. No I don’t mean physically grown up I mean we have evolved as the site has evolved and I know there are hundreds of stories out there, whether it be Looking Behind the SAP Curtain: What Does an SAP NetWeaver Product Manager Do?, to SDN Meets Labs and Netweaver Tech Tour – Bangalore – Photos or even hearing The specified item was not found. or one of the other thousands of articles, weblogs and contributions the stories are there and we want to hear them!

Have a funny story or an interesting or better both about SDN and it’s amazing group of contributor`s? Well then please share it with the “Contributor’s Corner”.

A Chance for Points and Fame!

Please send me, click my business card for my email address, your stories. Send them to me with the title “SDN Story:” so I can filter them quickly and for each one I post as a “Featured Story” on the “Contributor’s Corner” will receive 75 bonus points! Not only that for each submission of substance that, so no one liners or variations of the same story, you will get 25 Bonus Points. And it doesn’t matter if you are a long time SDNer, a newbie, SDN team member, or a SAP employee I want your stories!

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  • I have a question regarding this contribution scheme.

    I am not satisfied with the crossing limits.

    Crossing limits are 250, 500, 1000, 2000 etc. So, after completing 1000 points one has to wait upto another 1000 points where as if any one starts with new login ID then he will get same chance 4 times more.

    Because of this reason, people are encouraged to create new id after completing 1000 points and this is not the good side.

    So, my request is to change the crossing lines accordingly if you can change.

    • Actually those new ids are pretty much ignored, when I print out the list I have a grouping of the names together and the user id, If I see a person with multiple ids and they have already crossed the line then they don’t cross again, which is why I ask that everyone with multiple id’s please contact and ask them to consolidate their ids and points and REMOVE the other ids.

      We’ve noticed that most people who reach the 1000 mark quickly reach the 2000 mark as well, but we will review your request.

  • Hi,
       You have set 250,500,1000,2000 points as cross over limits.

       Once you have crossed 2k then one has to wait till he crosses 5K to be eligible for the ipod contest.

       Why don’t you consider milestones such as  3k and 4k (every 1K points there after) and have them also in the ipod contest because I personally consider crossing 1000 points is definitely a great achivement in SDN.


    • We have considered adding in those levels but it just doesn’t seem right to add them in now, and we have also been considering some new items for those reaching the higher levels. We will be dicsussing these things at the TechEd BoF “Contributor Meet”