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Adobe @ SAP TechEd


A year seems to pass really fast. It does not seem that long ago that I was standing on stage in Munich for the great Demo Jam and also presented Interactive Forms together with Markus Meisl in San Diego and Munich. After Tech Ed was over and I read Thomas’ last SAP TechED 2004 San Diego: Conference Diary; Day 4 about it, I was thinking it cannot get better then this. But now I have changed my mind… I think it will get even better this year!

Just for Interactive Forms we have more demos, more presentations and more hands-on sessions. Since we have a lot of activities this year, here are some suggestions on sessions to attend if you are interested in Interactive Forms, and yes you should be interested 😉
I would recommend to everyone the session “UP108 -Interactive Forms Based on Adobe Software – Overview and Customer Experiences” Vienna, Boston. This year Markus and me extended the overview session to two hours because there are many new things to talk about. For those of you who are new to the topic, we will provide on overview on the Interactive Forms technology and how it is integrated in SAP NetWeaver. Then we will start to cover new ground and talk about Interactive Forms features and enhancements you will find in NetWeaver 04S. Additionally we will provide an overview of the different SAP technology frameworks which integrate with Interactive Forms and unveil how SAP application developers extend existing SAP applications using Interactive Forms. Finally, and my personal favorite, we will talk about actual customer projects using Interactive Forms and we have an SAP consultant join us on stage to talk about his experience implementing Interactive Forms for an US Insurance company. And as usual (if you have seen my previous presentations) I will do live demos with the NetWeaver Developer Studio and the Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

If you want to get more information how Interactive Forms fits into the overall strategy of SAP to enhance business task management, I suggest you attend the one hour presentation “BPI102 – Business Task Management – Overview” Vienna, Boston. This session will provide you an overview how interactive PDF forms can be integrated in SAP workflows using Guided Procedures.

As a true Techie you might probably think: “Enough with the talking where is the hands-on action?” And rightly so! Here is an overview of hands-on session featuring Interactive Forms:
“CD154 – Scenarios with Interactive Forms in Web Dynpro” Vienna, Boston – In this workshop you will use the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to integrate an interactive PDF form into a Web Dynpro application.
“CD151 – Creating PDF-Based Forms for Printing with Interactive Forms Based on Adobe Software” Vienna, Boston – If you want to use the Adobe LiveCycle Designer integrated in the ABAP Workbench to generate print and PDF forms on the server, this is the workshop to attend.
“CD253 – Advanced Topics in Web Dynpro for ABAP” Vienna, Boston – Among other things you will learn how to integrate interactive PDF forms with Web Dynpro for ABAP
“CD258 – Putting It All Together – Application Development in SAP NetWeaver” Vienna, Boston – I know Carsten and Daniel ensure that this will be one of the best sessions at SAP TechEd. Here you will develop an application leveraging the various layers of SAP NetWeaver including Interactive Forms. Even I want to sign-up for this, but it seems already booked out 🙁

At every SAP conference there are at least 10 people who ask me how to generate PDF reports from SAP NetWeaver BI. Well finally I have a good answer for them – Get NetWeaver04S BI which integrates with the Adobe document services in Web AS. To learn more about this integration and how to use it I suggest you attend the following two sessions:
“IM211 – New SAP NetWeaver BI Capabilities in SAP NetWeaver 2004s” Vienna, Boston
“IM250 – Designing Formatted Reports with Business Explorer Report Designer” Vienna, Boston

If you are tired of attending all those sessions and want to just talk to some Adobe experts about Interactive Forms, please stop by the Adobe booth (#2.20 in Vienna and #2 in Boston) on the show floor and get your questions answered. As usual we have a few of our Techies there who work day-to-day with SAP on Interactive Forms and I will be there as well if you want to say “Hi”.

Finally (I know this is a lot of stuff, but you just need to read it… I need to type all this ;-), I will also host a Birds-of-a-Feather session. This is another opportunity for you to meet with Adobe and SAP Interactive Forms experts and learn more about and influence the future roadmap of Interactive Forms. Don’t expect a canned presentation. I want to have a discussion with you to get feedback, understand how SAP developers want to use Interacvtive Forms and learn what we need to enhance. If there is interest I will also show a number of enhancements which are still being worked on in the lab on my laptop. You can sign-up for the BoF using the SDN Wiki for Vienna and Boston.

See you soon at SAP TechEd 2005!


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  • Hi Guys:

    I got this email from this SAP community (  I thought it was an interesting experiment in audioblogging for an SAP conference.  Here is what it said:

    TechEd 2005 in Boston:
    Anyone going for TechEd 2005 in Boston from September 27 through September 30? This is your chance to wear a journalistic hat and add something unique to your resume.

    We have added a capability thru which site members (yes YOU!) can send AUDIO BLOG REPORTS to the site via PHONE (directly call a US phone Number). If you (or anyone you know to be a participant in this year's TechEd) would be interested to report on the proceedings of the TechEd via this medium, please contact us at Participants who are selected will be eligible to receive Senior member status with special privileges to upcoming features on the site. Things to report on from the conference would be:

    " Take-aways from the presentation
    " Critique of the speaker and the content covered
    " Audience response
    " Speakers ability to provide value for money

    You can also choose to write regular blogs or SAPNotes related to the conference proceedings if you wish. All reports with credits would be available for the benefit of all our members.

    If you are interested, you can write to Ashley Thomas, at