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New Web Dynpro Sample available – Enhancing Table Performance

The existing Web Dynpro table selection behavior is automatically combined with a corresponding lead selection change.  When clicking on a table cell editor, it is even possible that two separate server roundtrips have to be processed, which may lead to an undesired performance drawback.

I wrote a new article with a related sample application which describes how to improve the Web Dynpro table selection behavior using the newly introduced (NetWeaver 04 SP Stack 13) table property compatibilityMode. Combined with the implementation of a parameter mapping relation, table performance can be enhanced significantly.

The new learning material was added to the existing table tutorials page inside the Web Dynpro Feature2Samples-Matrix. Tutorials & Samples for Web Dynpro Java

Sample Application

For interactively testing table interaction behavior you can download the provided sample application. Depending on the specific settings of the two table properties compatibilityMode and readOnly, you can observe a different table selection change behavior.



Based on a bug within the NetWeaver Developer Studio version NW04 SP Stack 13 the table-property ‘compatabilityMode‘ is not displayed. Furthermore the Dictionary Simple Type ‘TableCompatibilityMode‘ cannot be used to define context attribute types. “Enhancing Web Dynpro Table Performance” tutorial

Please post your feedback or questions on the new material here.

Enjoy Web Dynpro,

Bertram Ganz, SAP AG

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  • The proposed solution solves nicely interaction with table cells, by reducing the roundtrips from two to one for simple cell editor. Having a Button or Checkbox in the table changes the thing since these UI elements will have their own actions to be handled. So in this case the improvement is from 3 to 2 roundtrips. If we have checkboxes in a huge table let’s say with 1000 cells, simple selection of a check box can take few seconds (in certain cases 5 to 7 s) even if you client machine is a very good machine. I am mentioning client machine, since I found that majority of the time is spent on processing the JavaScript functions. I assume SS13 improvement will reduce this for one, since all 3 roundtrips are taking same time currently. But even this looks very slow for a simple action like selecting or unselecting a checkbox. So is there any plan to optimize JavaScript and further improve this performance. 
    • Hallo Vasilj,

      thanks for your reply. Buttons or Checkboxes in a table did not cause 3 roundtrips even in the previous selection behavior. I cannot understand your statement ‘So in this case the improvement is from 3 to 2 roundtrips’ (in fact the improvement is from 2 to 1).
      I hope that you do not use Checkboxes as cell editors for ‘simulating’ the multi-selection of table lines. Multi-selection is based on setting the node selection cardinality to ‘0..n’. The selected node elements (table lines) can than be accessed by iterating all node elements and calling IWDNode.isMultiSelected(int i).
      In most cases the onToogle-Event of a checkbox must not be bound to an action at all so that no roundtrip is triggered at all.

      Regards, Bertram

      • [cite]In most cases the onToogle-Event of a checkbox must not be bound to an action at all so that no roundtrip is triggered at all[/cite]

        Sadly, there _is_ a round-trip in many cases even without action handler (SP11-SP13). Probably this was introduced to support calculated attributes (for check-boxes, drop-downs etc) and master-details scenario (for tables)


  • Hi Bertram,

    I have installed NWDS SP 13 on my client and our server is also running SP 13. So I thought it is the right time to try your new tutorial, but it does not work.

    My properties for the table do not contain compatibilityMode, my tasks show the following line after importing and rebuilding your project:
    Kind     Status     Priority     Description     Resource     In Folder     Location
    Error               Table ShoppingBasket [compatibilityMode]: UIElementEvent not valid     TableCompatibilityModeView.wdview     TutWD_Table_CompatibilityMode/src/packages/com/sap/tut/wd/tutwd_table/tablecomp     

    My about shows the following:
    SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

    Version: 2.0.13
    Build id: 200507190119

    So my question is, what is going wrong?

    I have upgraded from patched NWDS SP 11 to 13 only about 2 weeks ago.

    Best regards

    • Hallo Harald,

      your problem is based on the fact, that an early version of the Net Weaver Developer Studio (NW04 SP 13) does not use the newest plugin version of the dictionary simple types (Web Dynpro UI element enumeration types). Consequently you cannot declare all bindings and definitions which are based on the ‘TableCompatibiltyMode’ simple type.

      Two solutions exist for solving your problem: I described them within this forum thread:
      “Enhancing Web Dynpro Table Performance” tutorial

      Regards, Bertram