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XI: Alerts – Troubleshooting guide

Alert configuration may sometimes cause some problems.
With this list of steps you can quickly find out what might be the reason.

Step 1

Check if you scheduled the report SXMSALERT_PROCESS_DATA_GET as a background job.

Step 2

Check the update frequency in the End-to-end monitoring (and set to it to 5 minutes):

– go to Runtime Workbench

– choose End-to-end monitoring

– choose “Further settings”


Step 3

Check if the monitoring systems have at least medium monitoring level (if not change it to medium or high).


Step 4

If you cannot open Alert configuration tab from RWB take a look at those notes on how to resolve your problem:

750287 – XI 3.0 Runtime Workbench: Alert configuration does not start

813703 XI RWB alert configuration is incompletely displayed

Step 5

If you cannot open your alert inbox (neither from TCODE – ALRTINBOX nor from RWB)
check if your alert inbox service is properly activated in SICF:

– go to TCODE – SICF

– check if the service alertinbox is activated (you can test it from here)


Step 6

If you don’t receive any alert into your alertinbox but you believe that they are triggered check if the alerts were created:


– choose Settings – Configuration

– make sure you have the logging parameter checked


– go to TCODE – SLG1

– choose object “ALERT”

– and from here you can check if your alert was generated or not


– if you have a look at “additional information” you can also check the recipients of the alert

Step 7

If still your alerts don’t get triggered one more time take a look at:

Alert Notification Step-by-Step –

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      • Hi Michal,
           I am doing ccms configuration. we are on xi 7.0. I followed all steps in sap’s how to guide HowTo_XI_Monitoring_01aSR.pdf. Basically, the steps are:
        3.1.1 Runtime Workbench Configuration
        3.1.2 Setting Up CCMS Monitoring for the J2EE Engine
        3.1.3 Alert Framework Configuration
        3.2 End-to-End Monitoring
        3.3 Message-Based Alerting (As Part of the Runtime Workbench)
        3.4 CCMS Configuration
        But when i click “Alert Configuration” or “Alert Inbox” tab in rwb, i get this error:
        404   Not Found SAP J2EE Engine/7.00 
        The requested resource does not exist.
        Details:   Go to main page of this application!

        Also, i noticed, as part of cnfig activities, following jobs have been created in XI:

        Pls. help.

  • Hi Michal!

    Great Blog! Unfortunately it seems that things have changed after upgrading to SP14 (they made ALERTING free of PMI, …)

    Your steps in your ALERT related blogs seem not work completely with SP14!!??

    For example referencing to Container Variables seems to be problematic (not seen in ALERT INBOX – however they are seen in SAP-Connect when mailing to external accounts!???)

    Filtering for certain sender / receiver /adapter types, … i think is still buggy …

    Also ALERTING for synchronous messages is behaving “strangely”.

    Could you please provide us with some current status regarding ALERTING on SP14 from your point of view? Maybe even updating your blogs for SP14 issues …

    Many thanks in advance and keep goin!


  • Hi,
    Just to let you know that apparently the background scheduling from the report SXMSALERT_PROCESS_DATA_GET is no longer necessary as of 2004s SP5, as the alterting framwork is decoupled from the end-to-end monitoring framework,


  • Alert monitoring has been setup here but the issue is that if an error occurs repeatedly before it’s corrected (re-occurring) then several emails get continuously sent until the issue is addressed, filling the recipients email inbox with hundreds of notifications. Is there any way to filter or restrict the reoccurrence of errors sent via alert monitoring?

  • Hi,

      We configured alert configuration , but it is not triggering when an error occurs on the receiver adapter. can u plz guide how to acieve this?


  • Hi,

    Is it possible to send alert as an attachment. Only body of the contents sent as excel attachment.

    What are the possible ways to send alert attachement.


  • Hi Michal,

    I tried to check for the report named “SXMSALERT_PROCESS_DATA_GET” in se38 on PI but I could not find it. Moreover, in end-to-end monitoring in PI I could not set the time. It shows only the filter screen where we need to enter business component, interface name, interface namespace, etc. There is no “further processing” drop-down available.

    I request you to please help me on these two issues.