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XI: Alerts – Step by step

Using alerts can help us so much with the monitoring of the Exchange Infrastructure.

But why are they so avoided (aren’t they)? It’s true that they can be a little hard to configure
at the first place
but if you succeed it can save a lot of your valuable time by telling you only
about the events/errors you have to take care of.

Alerts within XI give us a simple way to monitor only those errors that we want and send alert messages
to different people depending on the alert category.
You can send alert to alert inbox, mail an even on SMS
if your cell phone operator
gives you the possibility of sending an sms through a web service.

In this weblog I’ll provide you with a step by step tutorial on how to create and use alerts.

Step 1

At first we have to create an alert category:


– change mode

– define you alert category


Step 2

Next we can add some variables to our container which we will later use to
compose the text of our alert message.



Step 4

In order to receive alerts we have to add ourselfs to the receivers list.



Step 5

This is the end of the configuration in sapgui and now we can start working with RWB (Runtime Workbench).

– log on to RWB

– choose Alert configuration

– create a new alert rule

– and set “where did the error occur” parameters


In my example I want to see all of the errors but you can restrict it to receive only mapping errors for instance.

Step 6

We’re ready to try our alerts but to check them we first need an error 🙂

I just gave a wrong XML to one of the processes and as you can see I managed to trigger a mapping error.



Step 7

Now you can go to the alertinbox to see if the alert was triggered:

– you can do it from RWB – Alert inbox

– or from sapgui TCODE – ALRTINBOX


This weblog shows how you can create a new alert rule in less then five minutes
but only if your system is properly configured.

If you have any problems with Alert configuration please take a look at:

XI: Alerts – Troubleshooting guide

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      • Hi Michal,
        The blog has been very helpful in configuring alerts on all three systems,
        PI Development, Quality & Production.
        To differentiate between the alerts coming from different environments, I wish to add System Id (SID) in the message title.
        I have added “&SYSTEM_ID& – Error In Interface – &SXMS_FROM_INTERFACE&.
        The container System_ID is of ABAP dict data type “SYSYSID”

        Please let me know if this is possible.

        Gautam Purohit

  • After I enter the message and click on “check expressions in text”, it looks good when I save it, it blanks out. Did you have this problem. I tried several times and several ways. I’m on SP12 – almost seems like a bug.
    Thank you,
  • Hi Michal

    Alert from a process is trigerring a alert but not this generic alert with out BPM.I did a similar thing like sending a wrong xml file,so that it fails in the mapping.
    Is this any way different from one that is generated in with BPM

    Thanks for you help.

  • I don’t have to do anything in my BPM (where alert gets triggered) concerning the container and setting/populating the variables such as SXMB_TO_SERVICE do I?  I am assuming these are XI variables that should just resolve themselves.


  • Hi Michal,

    what kind of alerts are raised when creating an alert rule for adapter Engine ?
    Are the triggers of an alert are only message based or will I receive an alert for any error situation occuring in an adapter ?

    Best regards,

  • I am working my way through this blog and wondered if you can attach the failed message’s payload to the alert notification?
  • Thanks for your work. All works fine. Now I get the alert messages in my alert inbox. And now I want to get them via mail. 😉 How can I manage this?
  • hi michal,

    i followed the steps as explained in your blog, but the alert is not triggered to the alert inbox.

    I even executed the report RSALERTTEST.  An ID was generated and alert reached my inbox.

    As suggested in your blog, i processed a message which has a mapping error.  SXMB_MONI shows the error message but alert is not triggered to the inbox.  i have added a user into the fixed recipeients also.

    I am in PI 7.0 SP10.  In your troubleshooting ALERTS blog, I scheduled the SXMSALERT_PROCESS_DATA_GET  as background job.  But in the second step which you explained, the End-to-End monitoring doesn’t not show ‘Further Settings’.

    can u suggest what should have gone wrong.

    • Hello Krishnan,

      Could you solve the problem that you mentioned? I have the same problem now. I mean I have an alert rule defined. If an AE error occurs alerts are generated ok. But if a mapping program error happens  
      no alerts are created.

      Any suggestion?

      Kind Regards,


  • I am going through this blog XI: Alerts – Step by step and between step 4 and step 5 I run up against an issue. I cannot save it because I get a popup saying “Prompt for customizing request” then I click the list button and it says ” You can only include objects of this type in customizing requests only” ( a little redundant I must say ) but anyway – the net result is I can’t save and lose all the work I just did.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • I have a scenario where I am not using BPM but using Alert to trap mapping errors. Is there any way to put dynamic text in the alert depending on the nature of error encountered?
  • Hi Michal,

    I configured alert and it is working fine for all errors in sender adapter and integration engine.
      I added necessary parameters for receiver in container in ALRTCATDEF and in RWB i gave both receiver and sender interface in conditions.
    But if there is any error in receiver adapter alert is not triggering.
    Kindly suggest some solution for above problem

    Thank you
    J.Prakash Babu

  • Hi Michal,

    I have configured the Alert Framework within XI, and It works fine.

    But I would configure the same framework within ECC in order to receive ECC alerts in the same inbox.
    I managed to schedule the report RSALERTPROC and to define the Alert Categories.

    But now, the problem is to define an alert rule.
    I don’t find how to do that.

    DO you have an idea ?

    Best regards

  • Hello Michal,
                I am working on a normal file transfer scenario, which does not involve any mapping.
    I need an alert to be generated every time the polling fails i.e. the sender adapter is not able to find a file.
    I tried the above configuration but it does not generates the alert.
    Do you have any suggestions for it?


  • Hi Michal,

    I’m currently implementing the XI alerting framework, however we need to have alerting on the decentral adapter engine.
    Do you know if this functionality is being provided by default? Currently I’m not able to select any decentral adapter in the alerting framework.

    Kind regards,