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Will we read what we have written?

Why do you write? Do you want your readers to absorb the dry info you pass or you assume they will have fun reading it? I mean do you expect your readers will pick up your article from a heap of others and send a link to a friend?

Often technical (and business) writing suffers from using too dry, too impersonal language. A simple article talking about one’s experience sounds like a reference guide. Internally passed exciting company news sounds like an official press release. We skim through such messages and we often ask our colleagues who have read the article to retell its essence by their own words.

Impersonal writing repels. It doesn’t reach the user. It frustrates.

I can’t teach you how to not do it but I can share great links and books I’ve read about the topic. It’s a must for all bloggers:-)

1. Conversational writing kicks formal writing’s ***. Go through the site – it has tons of think-provoking materials.

2. Seth Godin’s blogs – among many other interesting things blogs about writing, styles, and different approaches.

3. Why Business People Speak Like Idiots : A Bullfighter’s Guide – just a must for anyone having connection to the business world.

I don’t want to overload you with too many links but instead I’m eager to hear about yours. Who are your idols for good writing style advice? Whose blogs do you permanently read?

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