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Have you bagged a Project ? If so its time to install JDI (Java Development Infrastructure) !!!

1) What is JDI?
JDI (Java Development Infrastructure is also called as SAP-NWDI) is a Version Management system connected to NetWeaver Developer Studio. SAP NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure enhances the concept of an IDE by server-side services, which centrally provides the development teams with a consistent development environment and supports the software development during the entire life cycle of a product right from project development to Production stage.

2) Why JDI only why not third party tools?
Following blogs answers the question The Evolution of Development Infrastructure, Why DTR ? Why not Perforce or ClearCase…?
Additionally this webinar also gives details about JDI.
Java Development Infrastructure

3) Where can i download JDI?
You need to install the JDI separately. Go to SAP Service Marketplace -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP Net Weaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER04 -> NWDI -> JDI 6.40 -> #OS independent.

4) What are the Hardware and Software requirements?
Check these Notes in SAP Service Marketplace
Note Number: 737368
Note Number: 754143

5) How to install and configure JDI?
Installation guide available at SAP Service Marketplace ->instguidesnw04 ->Installation -> Select your View BY COMPONENT-> Installation Guide – SAP NetWeaver JDI.

6) What are the main pillars of JDI?
The key elements of JDI are
• Design Time repository (DTR): A repository for design time development objects (Sources) that provides highly efficient storage and distributed versioning of J2EE application components.
• Component Build Service (CBS): Stores Java archives and provides immediate and incremental builds upon request from the IDE.
• Software Logistics (SL): Consists of Change Management Service (CMS), which handles the flow of the software, and Software Delivery Manager (SDM), which is responsible for deployment of a Java application across the entire development system.

7) How do I strart working on JDI?
There are three Scenarios available at below mentioned link, each Scenario has its own significance.
Sceanrio1: Team-Oriented Development.
Sceanrio2+: Development with a Track.
Sceanrio3: Layered Development.
This link takes you to details and documentation about Scenarios.
SAP NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure

This blog gives you an incite about what is JDI? How to download, install and configure SAP-NWDI?

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