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Enriching business processes with built in Knowledge Management and Collaboration capabilities

NetWeaver and its underlying portal platform and knowledge management and collaboration technologies provide a rich and embedded foundation of support for SAP’s business solutions, including for example Human Capital Management ( “HCM” ), Customer Relationship Management ( “CRM” ) Product Life Cycle Management ( “PLM” ), SAP XAPPS, BI Information Broadcasting, and mySAP ERP 2005 user roles for the Enterprise Portal.   Some examples of enriched functionality of embedded KMC functions in these solutions can be described as :  1.Providing a document sharing environment where an organization can create and access documents  2.Provide and environment for quick publishing of web based content to a community ( using KM’s XML forms ) Not to be confused with full blown web content management systems!  3. Integrated connectivity to document stores via a repository framework ( for third party repositories so they can be surfaced via the EP framework ).  4. KM infrastructure for direct storage of documents.  5. Embedded collaboration processes so teams can share and act upon information in a unified manner.image An example how KM is embedded into business applications as of today already. Note the generic KM functions that are available in the documents for employees: image The collaboration room in the Learning Portal of the SAP Learning Solution enables you to set up virtual learner communities where portal users can speedily and efficiently exchange information with one another. The SAP System supports functions for booking participants, canceling bookings, and following up courses and participation. image X Product Definition ( “XPD”, which provides for innovation and idea management ) uses KMC for loading, retrieval and storage of documents related to ideas/concepts. image The above functionalities are available now with mySAP ERP 2004 and NetWeaver….much more to come in terms of embedded business functionality and enrichment, as an example in mySAP ERP 2005, the “Business Unit Analyst” Role ( one of scores of portal roles provided by EP ) can easily utilize collaboration and bi broadcasting to explore business data with other colleagues during the budgeting, analysis and planning phases, gaining valuable team input and contributions. image These are just some examples of how KMC as a integral component of the SAP Enterprise Portal provides business process enrichment.  Stay tuned for more examples and developments in this exciting area!  Acknowledgement to Joerg Wolf of the NetWeaver PMO for his excellent slides. The entire set can be downloaded from  >>NetWeaver>>Knowledge Management>>Presentations.  
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