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XI: Do you realy enjoy clicking and waiting while tracing BPM steps?

This weblog is not only for newbies but also and mainly for those who monitor their XI landscapes
and lose a lot of time while browsing through some unhelpful transactions or views.

Most of us trace the integration processes from SAPgui – where our favourite TCODE is SXMB_MONI.
Whenever we want to see what was wrong in our integration process we just click on the “PE”


…and what do we see? User view of the workflow log.


Is it very helpful ? not realy.. if we want to take a deep look we either click on the graphical log
or the most popular Workflow Log (with technical details).

Is there anything we can do to omit this step?
Sure! We got our Personal workflow settings.

How can we open them? There are at least a few ways but one of them could be:


– Settings

– Workflow Settings

– Personal Settings

…and from here we can change the “Workflow log” to “Technical view” if we want this view to be displayed first.


Most probably some of you don’t like this “Technical View” because in the past we’ve seen it opening for a few minutes.

It may happen when you have a lot of steps in you BPM.


But once more “Personal workflow settings” can help us with this problem.
Just change the Maximum number of entries in the workflow log and you saved 🙂


Once you change this value the number of entries in the technical lof will become constant.
Don’t worry you can always see the rest by pressing the icon on the last entry.


If these settings help you to save at least 10 minutes a day than this means it was worth reading this weblog don’t you think? 🙂

Further reference:

Personal Workflow Settings –

Tested on:

SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 SP13

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