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Put an “I’ll be There” TechEd Banner on Your Blog and Get 50 Points

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Update: Some more information at Meet me at the SDN Clubhouse ….

SDN invites SDN bloggers planning to attend an SAP TechEd ’05 event to post “I’ll be there.” banners on their blogs.
Everyone who posts a banner a blog earns 50 points in the contributor recognition program. With the deadline in the Top Contributors Contest just around the corner (It’s 16 September), and great prizes on the line, this is a simple and easy way to earn a quick 50. It’s also an excellent way to promote SDN Clubhouse Events in Vienna, Boston, and Bangalore.
Interested? Learn how to add a banner and apply for points.

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  • Hi,

    This seems to be very exciting…but what about contributors who don’t blog? Not being a spoil sport, but it doesn’t seem to be really fair to get 50 points for a little extra cut and paste. Can I put “I’ll be there…” in replies for forum questions and get extra points too?

    • Contributors who don’t blog could always start blogging! 🙂

      Regardless, you have a point. I will discuss it with Mark Finnern (SDN Communities Manager) and see if he thinks it appropriate to have a similar program for non-bloggers.


  • The instructions to get the 50 points says that you must add your weblog to the listing of Blogs on the WIKI:
    1. Go the Blog Coverage Page on the SDN Wiki for SAP TechEd ’05 Boston or the SDN Wiki for SAP TechEd ’05 Vienna (depending on which conference you’re attending).

    Yet people are putting the banner on Blogs that have nothing to do with TechED (not a problem), but then adding them to the page on the WIKI (seems strange).  Now we have a listing of blogs that have nothing to do with TechED on the Tech Coverage Page.  Does this seem odd to anyone else?

    • Thomas,

      True. It is not ideal that we have non-TechEd related blogs on the TechEd Wiki cover page, but this is a workaround: We have no way to track who puts blogs on their pages unless they report it somewhere. (Also we need to cross reference the names with those who are acutally registered for the event – so you can’t fake it!)

      Posting “entries” on the TechEd Wiki seemed the best solution. Perhaps Mark, being intimate with the Wiki in a way that I am not, can think of something better.


  • Hi SDNers,

    The goal of this is to get banners and announcements outside of SDN posted.

    So if you have a Weblog or a Webpage out there, it would be really kind of you to post such a banner there. To be counted you have to link back to the SDN TechEd site:

    I just did it as an example on
    I used the following http code:

    Then I went to the Wiki page and added my little Blog to it:

    I would love to see other pages on the World Wild Web having that banner.

    Sorry for the confusion. I will update the Weblog post later today too, Mark.