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Fair Warning – The Lone Marketer Chimes In

You’ve read the headline, you’ve seen the blurb, so you’ve been given fair warning that this blog is written by a marketer. Gasp! Yes, SDN does have a marketer. But the fact that I am the Lone Marketer should give you some comfort that we will not violate your trust in SDN remaining a marketing-free zone.

I would simply like the opportunity to call attention to some things that I think would be of interest to this community even though they may not address technical issues. Is that so horrible? Am I to be vilified? I hope not, but you all get to decide. You are, after all, the reason we exist.

So here is the first tidbit that I’d like to share with you. ZDNet UK recently posted an article about how SAP consultants are highly in demand in the UK at the moment:,39020648,39215732,00.htm

Pretty cool, huh?

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