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RFID Scenario Installation-Configuration

RFID Scenario Installation—Configuration

What will be included in this document?

There are SAP standard documents for configuration, so my blog will cover what is a RFID scenario blueprint, and how these configurations take affect.

Several steps before start configuration

  • Check if the patches of all the systems are at the highest level, it is a very important step because AII are new to SAP and there are many patches in SAP for RFID solutions.
  • Check that you have all the authorities of your system(Administrator, SAP*, XISUPER and other user rights)
  • Have an overview of SAP RFID scenario.
  • Have right people in your team. The configuration include R3 (MM, SD, FI), XI, SCM, AII. Maybe it is hard to find all the consultants, but do have AII consultants with very good RFID domain knowledge. If you have AII consultants at least you can have AII working standalone and building your RFID solution around AII and other non-SAP systems.
  • Get SAP RFID configuration materials from
  • RFID-Enabled Outbound Processing.pdf
  • RFID-Enabled Slap & Ship Outbound Processing.pdf


RFID Scenario Overview  

Overview of SAP RFID landscape

    Device Controllers can be design to connect RFID Reader in various ways (DLLs, Java Jars and Sockets). And AII connect Device Controller using XML through HTTP. In backend system, XI is an integration platform based on soap. With XI, AII can be easily integrated with SAP R/3 and other SAP systems. SAP SCM EM is an optional component that using event to increase the efficiency of supply chain process.

R/3 configuration

The configuration will define a simple company with plant, sales organization and the material in their plant, and this company will perform RFID-enable outbound processing.

Company code 1000 and its organizations


And there should be some FI configuration, but the document does not mention. Financial year, and close period should be customized before we can create a sales order.

XI configuration

XI is responsible for system integration. So you can see all the system here in XI, and you should define technical systems and business systems in SLD. And there is a business scenario “ BusinessProcess_AutoID_Enabling” already defined in XI3.0. So we just follow the guide and finished the configuration.


Configuration is Integration Builder–” BusinessProcess_AutoID_Enabling”

Component view of BusinessProcess_AutoID_Enabling


AII configuration

AII’s configuration is the most important thing in SAP RFID solution. And the document “RFID-Enabled Outbound Processing.pdf” is not enough; we had to get more documents about SAP AII, AII master guide, AII user manual and so on. Some of this document can be downloaded at some can be seen at SDN, and is an open portal as SAP Library.

Documentation types in the software life cycle

If you finish configurations in the document “RFID-Enabled Outbound Processing.pdf”, you can have an overview of SAP AII. But to make AII working you should have to do more work, e.g. integration SAP AII with your RFID reader.

Some RFID customizing should be done at IMG.


AII Device Control Configuration

SCM configuration

SCM is an optional installation of RFID installation, but I think SCM is the most important thing in SAP RFID scenario. Slap and ship can not generate efficiency,

But only with SCM-EM, efficiency can be seeing in Wal-Mart’s side (with event management Distribute Center can receive goods automatically).


Checking after configuration

If you have down the entire configuration, you still can not make your RFID running, there are lots of customizing job left to do to running the whole scenario. But basis job is finished right here. And you can do some checking to check your system.

In AII, you can use commission tag to test AII configuration. Send a XML to your RFID printer and try to print a tag.

In XI, send IDoc from R/3 Client A to R/3 Client B.

In R/3, after customizing in FI, try to create a Sales Order using the plant, sales organization, and material you have configure in R/3 System.

In SCM, Also you can check Event handle in SCM system.


How to find configuration tcode?

    Use search (ctrl + F) in SAP easy access tree and SAP IMG, you can find the tcode you need.

What is RFC destination?

    RFC destination is used to connect SAP system, connection type “3”,”T”,”H” is often use to connect SAP with other system through R3 connection, TCP/IP connections and HTTP connections.

I follow the configuration guide, but I do know why should I do this configuration?

    It is normal asked question for rookies; there is some ways to do.

  • Find some SAP document about the software you are using.
  • Search in google by “XXX” (XXX is a sap term that you do not know)
  • Search in SDN

Thank You

Thanks for reading my weblog about RFID scenario installation. I wish the blog can help you have a basic idea of SAP RFID solutions and the software components that will involved in RFID scenario.

And special thanks should be given to Pratt Marilyn who gives me great help with this blog. Thank you, Marilyn and all the people here.

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      Former Member
      Thank you for informative contents and sharing with us.

      Shen Jun

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      Former Member
      Hi Sheng,

      Thank you very much for Sharing your experience on RFID Preparation, Installation and Configuration.

      All the above content shared will be very useful for the consultants to do the RFID Implementation in a very structured way.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Nagaraj Sekar KM

      Author's profile photo Hanoz Tarapore
      Hanoz Tarapore
      firstly, thanx a lot for all the information.

      i have a few questions:

      i read the masterguide for AII 4.0 version 1.1-june2006,material no:50076142
      i intend to use SAP R/3 4.6C, and on pgs 31,32 the steps to follow for installation are given.

      there, there is no step to install(not even an optional step) SAP SCM EventMangement Environemnt.
      U have emphasised so much on getting SCM environemnt installed for automation, i am wondering if i will still need to install it,
      if u refer pg27,28..there in the steps for installation on SAP ECC 5.0, installing SCM evemnmanagemet is given as an optional step
      but the same is not given for what i have ie r/3 4.6C

      besides, i m still confused regarding what exactly is ECC 5.0

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      Former Member

      thanks for this info..
      this would really help all of us looking out to explore on RFID technologies..

      by the by do we require to have a communication to SAP EM mandatorily for all the RFID related data processing in R/3.?

      thanks in advance