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Forum Stats I: Worst of the Best SDN Forums

This week we looked a bit deeper into SDN forum statistics. In total we are very happy with the amount and depth of posts that are posted on a daily basis. We are a bit unhappy with the ratio of answers to points given, but unfortunately don’t have statistics for that ratio per forum yet.

We compared all forums that have more than 5 posts a day. Which is quite good traffic already. Unfortnately it eliminated our ugly stepchild the /community [original link is broken]. I feel bad for it, because any question that somehow doesn’t fit anywhere else in the big SDN forum land gets shuffled around until it finds its unhappy resting place this moshpot of questions. I almost feel like starting a campaign: Save /community [original link is broken] from being the forum doormat of SDN. 65% of all questions stay unanswered even after 30 days. Great place to collect some SDN points if you ask me.

The focus of this post  is not on the ugly step child, but on the worst of the best. As said already to be counted as one of the best forums on SDN you have to have on average of at least 5 posts per day over the last 30 days. Of our 45 public forums over half of them are that active.

The 5 worst of the best 27 SDN forums regarding open questions in %:

In all fairness we must say, that CRM is a very new forum and a very large field to cover. It is amazing, that we are getting 24 posts per day already. That 30% of these don’t have a responds after 30 days is therefore understandable. I think most SDNers don’t even know that we have a SAP CRM: Webclient UI – Framework.

Let’s not forget that most of these answers are coming from the community and where else do you get at least one answer to 70 of 100 questions that you ask? Next time we look at the Best of the Best.

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  • Can’t wait for the Best Of… weblog.  It should be interesting considering that in several of the forums you have to fight to get your answer in there before 5 or 6 other people respond.  You might have to do those measurements in minutes instead of days.
    • Hi Tiest,

      Well you can help by answering questions, go into the forums and answer the open questions. We are working on some little tools to make it easier to find the ones that are open.

      Also talk to your colleagues/friends and tell them how much you yourself learn and improve by reading and answering these questions. The essence is, you really only understood once you are able to teach it to someone else.

      These questions are all real world questions, you are honing your skills on real world development problems. Much more exciting than a crossword puzzle 😉

      SDNers are already helping. Since posting this blog the open questions in the SDN General forum went down from 69% to 50%. And the questions in that forum are all over the map.

      Also I think we have an amazing community. Have to get the Best of the Best Weblog ready so that you can see what I mean.

      Thank you all, Mark.

    • hi arpit

      Nice meeting you…

      i am fresher to SAP-XI platform

      your web-blog is very clear to go through the HTTP to RFC scenario

      but here i am unable to connect the SAPR/3  (EC6) from CXI server in IR
      it showing an error message like ‘invalid username and password combination’.
      when i try to connect it more than 3 times my SAP R/3 password settings were affected

      what are the  prerequisities are needed to connect SAP R/ to CXI  (means RFC ports).

      so please help me in this regard

      i am waiting for your reply