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BTF editor in SAPGUI

Some time back

Thomas Jung
wrote few weblogs on using BTF editor in BSP pages and also an
excellent weblog on how to store the contents of the editor  in R/3 tables. This weblog is an
attempt to show a simple example of using BTF editor in



Weblogs by

Thomas Jung

[BTF in real world | BTF in the real world]

BSP: BTF editor example, Non Model View Controller

BSP Developer’s Journal Part XVI – Using the BTF Editor

In this example, we will see how to create a BTF editor object and place it
on the SAP GUI. How to get the text entered in the BTF editor and how
to programmatically set content in the BTF editor.

Note: In this example i am just using report program selection screen to
place the control instead of creating a screen and placing a custom container on
that for placing our BTF editor control. I have followed this path so that its
easier (just copy paste the code) to create the program and test the code. Also
please note that all exception handling is not carried out in the code as this
is just a simple example to show using BTF editor.

To get started, go to transaction SE38 and create a report program (type 1) and copy paste
the code below.


</font><font COLOR=”#0000ff” size=”2″>&—-

*& Report Y_TEST_BTF


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