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SDN: What’s the “Homepage Bonus”

If you’ve been one of the recent “Featured Weblog” on the SDN homepage like Sudhir Porumamilla is right now then you’ll notice you have another 20 bonus points listed in your weblog contributions.


The reason for this is simple, we have been becoming picker and picker about what gets posted there and that means if you make it then your weblog must have stood out quite a bit for some reason or another and therefore you earn an extra 20 points. It’s only for the “Featured Weblog” section of the homepage so make sure you put that extra effort into the quality of your weblog and make sure that content really stands out as being something special and you may make it there as well!

This is just a few of those SDN: Bringing you more than just the tech stuff we here at SDN are trying to do to put more focus on the extraordinary users we have here and what they are contributing.

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