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Running your first ITS WebGUI application in SAP NetWeaver 04 ABAP Edition – NSP

SAP Web Application Server 6.40 comes with integrated ITS (Internet Transaction Server). This is a easy and nice tool to web enable SAP transactions without any coding. Your new NetWeaver Sneak Preview – ABAP Stack has this feature. In this weblog we will see what are the basic set ups required to run ITS WebGUI applications.

1. Make sure Internet Communication Manager (ICM) is up and running. By default when you start the SAP system your ICM is also started. You can check the same from  transaction SMICM.

2. Make sure Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)  is set up in the server .  Check Running your first BSP application in SAP NetWeaver 04 ABAP Edition – NSP for set up procedure.

3.  Like in standalone ITS system where you will publish your ITS services from R/3 to the ITS server, in the Integrated ITS server scenario, we need to publish the service to a site called INTERNAL.

  •  First set “INTERNAL” as the publishing site. To do this Go to SE80->utilities->settings->Internet Transaction Server->Publish. choose the On Selected Site radio button and in the field Plnt choose “INTERNAL” from the drop down and hit enter.


  • Now we are ready to publish the standard service. We need to publish “SYSTEM”  and “SHUFFLER” before we can use integrated ITS. In transaction SE80 from the drop down box you see on the left side pane, choose Internet Service. Enter SYSTEM in the input field and click display. You will see the ITS service SYSTEM and its components in a tree structure. Right click on “SYSTEM” in the tree and click Publish->Complete Service to publish the service. Once the publishing is completed the system will issue a message “Object published successfully; site INTERNAL” . Follow the same procedure to publish internet service “SHUFFLER” also. In our first test case we will be using the standard delivered ITS application WEBGUI, so publish this service also as described above.


4. Unlike in the standalone ITS, in Integrated ITS we also need to create & activate another service in transaction SICF. First let us look at the standard WEBGUI application.  In transaction SICF, Right click on default_host and click activate to activate the entire tree. (click on the yes button with tree icon). Now we are ready to run the first ITS WebGUI application.


5. To run WEBGUI ITS service , go to transaction SICF (testing can be done from SE80 also) and Expand the tree to the following path default_host->sap->bc->gui->sap->its->WEBGUI. Right click on WEBGUI and click Test Service.


This would open up the web browser with log on pop up, authenticate using sap user id and password. You should now see the SAP GUI for HTML in the browser.


6. In the previous steps we have seen how to set up Integrated ITS and run the standard application WEBGUI. Let us now create a small application to web enable transaction SU01. (This example is to show you, how to create a custom WEBGUI application. To just to call SU01 we can simply call This create step is shown so that it will help in creating complex applications.) Go to transaction SE80 and choose Internet Service from the drop down. Enter ‘YSU01’ in the input field and hit enter. You will get a pop like in the picture below.


Click Yes  to create to get to the screen shown below.


Choose Screen-Based Application and enter SU01 in the Transaction code Field. Save the internet service. Now double click on the service name (YSU01). This would show the attributes and parameters on the right side pane. Go to the parameters tab, where you will see ~transaction parameter already populated. Add one more parameter “~GENERATEDYNPRO = 1” .


Save & Publish the service.

We now need to create this service in transaction SICF as well. Go to SICF and right click on ITS (default_host->sap->bc->gui->sap->its) and click New Sub-Element to create a new service. Enter YSU01 as service name and choose Independent Service radio button.


Click enter to get in to the ITS service (YSU01) properties page.


Enter Y in GUI Link field and click setting.


Enter the above shown parameters and click enter.

We also need to set the handler class for this service. To do this, go the Handler List tab and enter “CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS” in the first row.


Save the service and activate it.

Now to test the  service, right click on YSU01 and choose Test Service. The browser would start and after authentication you should see transaction SU01.



Hope this is helpful. If you any doubts please post a question at Internet Transaction Server (ITS) forum. For more reading on ITS check out the online help at

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    • Sorry for the dealy in replying Prakash.

      I guess this will help all those who have problem with transaction iviews (using integrated ITS) to have a understanding of how it works.


  • Hi,

    I would like to know why we set a variable generateddynpro to 1.

    And why do we use the handler…?

    Can we publish the service to other WebAS servers also ?

    • why we set a variable generateddynpro to 1.

      this will automatically generate the html code for the screen. If you have developed the html template for your screen in the service, you dont need this.

      why do we use the handler

      This is the code which gets called when we call the webgui from web and this does the trick of generating webgui for HTML

      Can we publish the service to other WebAS servers also

      Good question, never thought about it.
      To my knowledge its not possible. May be we need to check it up.


  • Hello Mr. Raja,

    Good webblog, this is blog we need. Keep it up :=).

    Can you explain what the parameter GUI Link which we set to 1 does. What happens it this is set to 0?

    Best regards,

      • Dear Raja,

        Have some issues , we have yesterday migrated our production server to a new server , since then the RF portal is not working , Only the  first page is coming


        and when click any push buttons like “PURCH PROC” it’s not going further and getting the message like this below.


        don’t know how to correct this  error . , due to this our project activity with RF is totall stopped could please help us or steps need to fix this.



  • Dear expert!!

    Do you have any documentation about how to create a web application since a ABAP program on 4.7 620?? I have installed a SAP ITS 620 and I´m trying to use the SAP@Web Studio but I cant create any service…


  • I tested my webgui and it showed me the logon screen, but after I enter my password, it gives me TH_RES_FREE, then I went and publish the system service, now it does not give me logon screen, if give error saying object missing

    Jagraj Dhillon

  • This is a helpful piece of documentation. I noticed that there is a transaction box on top of the service as seen from a browser. How do  you remove this box? (Mine does not take me anywhere even if I enter a different transaction/service).
  • Hello.  Nice guide.  I’m currently trying to migrate ITS services from a 4.6C system recently upgraded to ECC 6.0.  I followed your tutorial exactly.  Unfortunately, I’m getting the error below in the process log…

    *** ERROR => diag: Unable to find the template `templates/system/generator.html’ [w3xxhtmg.cpp 5645] 
    *** ERROR => diag: Error getting generator info [w3xxhtmg.cpp 5857]                                  
    *** ERROR => diag: Cannot generate HTML from Dynpro [w3xxdiau.cpp 580]                               
    As a side note, I’ve published SYSTEM, WEBGUI, and SHUFFLER…and activated all services under the ‘default_host’.

    Just wondering if you’d ever seen this before.


  • I have verified ITS is active in ECC and BW. When we click on GOTO a SAP t-code from web report (running in portal) it tries to connect then displays a message asking for:

    Destination _______
    Handle      _______

    I have verified that setting have been made on the BW table TWPURLSVR

    Have you any clue as to what might still be missing.

    THANKS !!

    Great work.


  • Thanks for the info

    I have been able to create a service that calls a SAP transaction, CATW. The problem I am having is that the CATW requires an ICON called s_b_copy.gif. NO Icon appears , just the x for missing gif file. I am new to Services, and I am trying to convert/create Services that were on the internal ITS 6.40 with r/3 4.7 backend to our new integrated ITS 7.0 with ERP 2005 ECC 6.0 backend.  I donot know how to associate my service with the gif file. Any help would be appreciated.


    • right click on the “X” mark and go to properties, what url do you see there.

      did you activate the following services in SICF

      designs and mimes under /default_host/sap/public/bc/its/


    • I have the same problem as Sarah, trying to get SAP transaction CATW to work under the integrated ITS instead of the standalone ITS.  This is required due to an upgrade, 4.6C to ECC6.  I have the same symptoms as Sarah, that gig s_f_copy.gif is not found in sap/public/bc/its/mime and more, the ESS profile which sets the customer configuration for CATW deosn’t seem to be found as only the standard SAP screen for CATW shows.  Can you suggest how these problems can be fixed please ?

      Many Thanks,

    • This article has been very helpful.  As stated in my previous post to this article, I also have the problem that CATW does not work properly after an upgrade to ECC6.  When I check what Raja suggests, location gif is being looked for is in sap/public/bc/its/mimes and this Service is definitely active in SICF.  However, in SE80 when I look in the MIME Repository, I see teh struture sap/public/bc/its but no subfolder mimes.  The gif CATW is looking ofr is in sap/public/bc/icons and I think I’d be giong down the wrong path to create mimes folder and import s_b_copy.gif into it.  Any help much appreciated.


  • Hi; Thanks for this article, is very helpfull!!
    I already make all the steps that you describe in the article, but after i try to do logon in the webgui page i got the following error.

    La clase de cancelación era: ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE
    La jerarquía de llamadas ABAP era:
    Method: EXECUTE_REQUEST of program CL_HTTP_SERVER================CP
    Module: %_HTTP_START of program SAPMHTTP

    I alredy verify the user and the password and there are correct.

    Thanks you very much for any suggestion or help.

  • Hi Raj
    It is a very good article. Thanks. In step 5, I get ‘page not found’ error in IE. Can yuo help on the possible cause for this error?
    • in your browser go to tools->internet options->advanced and uncheck the check box “show friends http error message” and repeat step 5 again.

      what do you see in the browser now?

      • Hi Raj
        Thanks for your quick response. Steps I followed:
        1. Uncheck the check box as suggested
        2. Click ‘Test Service’ from webgui using SICF
        3. A new browser window is opened with login page
        4. I enter the userid and password
        5. A blank page is displayed with ‘error on page’ in the IE status bar at the bottom
        6. Clicking on the error icon, opens a windows that displays a series of errror as ‘Line 61 char 5 Object expected; line 71 char 9 mySessionInfo is null or not an object; line 434 char 1 self.myOnlOad hdlF2 is null or not an object; line 433 char 1 self.myOnlOad hdlF1 is null or not an object; line 195 char 7 object expected; Line 205, Char 7, Error: ITS_Frameset undefined
  • Hi Raj,
    Thanks for the excellent procedure. We are migrating Standalone ITS code to Integrated ITS in ECC 6. We have a similar scenario, where instead of standard SAP user, we have selected Internet user in SICF. These Internet users have been created using transaction SU05 and exist in table BAPIUSW01.
    However when we try to login using the Internet user in the pop up authentication box while testing the service, it does not accept it and we are unable to proceed to the next page.
    What kind of authentication is done for Internet users? If you have any ideas, appreciate if you can share it.



  • Hi,

    The blog is indeed very helpful, however..I’m getting the following error while trying to test the service:

    The following error text was processed in the system DBE : Template interpretation failed. Template does not exist.
    The error occurred on the application server ECCMUMDEV_DBE_01 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:

    Pls. help..

    Thanks, Saba

  • Hello,
    we are migrating standalone ITS code to integrated in ECC 6.0 which is based on Netweaver 2004s (7.0).
    I would like to know which function calls (validates) net user login (in domain).
    As an example, my user login is XXXXXXX and my SAP user ID is YYYYYYY, and I want to know an ITS function that validates login XXXXXXX.
    Thanks for any suggestion or help.
    Best regards to all.
  • Hello,

    anybody knows how can be published a specific HTML file before “enter” in a ITS integrated service.

    We are migrating from a standalone ITS to integrated in ECC 6.0 (based on Netweaver 2004s (7.0)).

    Any help is welcome 🙂


  • Hi.

    Thanks for a very helpful blog. I am trying to create a z service for an existing internet service (and an existing transaction). I am able to create the service and to view it in a browser, BUT it still points to the old service. It is a SRM service called BBPSC02, in which uses the transaction BBPSC02. Can you please give me some hints about how I can do this?

    Regards, Anders

  • Raja,
    This information you have posted is very helpful. Thank you very much. I exactly did all the steps you have mentioned and it worked very well for transaction MD04 and SU01. I am able to create a http hyperlink to call transaction SU01 as well as MD04 from IE. My question is how do I pass the userid into txn SU01 and then skip first screen of the transaction.
  • I started implementing ESS configuration for HR system.
    I found an issue at the time of  system object creation:

    I have created  3 system objects :
    while performing connection tests,i encountered the following error in its-connection:
    An HTTp connection to was not obtained successfully;this might be due to a closed port on the firewall.
    I tried to activate its through SICF transaction.but i was not able to do.The page cannot be displayed error is seen.even i entered the log on credentials through logon tab.

    for this to work,how to open the HTTP port?
    thanks in advance,

  • Thanks for sharing.

    As SAP SRM 5 Functional, sometimes I got ITS template not found runtime error when clicking on link or input search help. More like general errors to me and could be resulted from different cause.

    Is ITS service status (active or publish) one of that causing ITS template not found error?



  • Hi All,

    We are also seeing same kind of log in our workprocess trace.. we just completed out kernal upgrade to 721 PL 300. we could see below errors are only coming on AIX ABAP server. we also having linux ABAP servers and we dont see thi s log.

    dev_w9.old:W        *** ERROR => xgdk: IRepSetBuffer: com__enterprise to long -> 3 [w3xxirep.cpp 239]

    dev_w9.old:W        *** ERROR => xgdk: IRepSetBuffer: com__enterprise to long -> 3 [w3xxirep.cpp 239]

    dev_w9.old:W        *** ERROR => xgdk: IRepSetBuffer: com__enterprise to long -> 3 [w3xxirep.cpp 239]

    dev_w9.old:W        *** ERROR => xgdk: IRepSetBuffer: com__enterprise to long -> 3 [w3xxirep.cpp 239]

    dev_w9.old:W        *** ERROR => xgdk: IRepSetBuffer: com__enterprise to long -> 3 [w3xxirep.cpp 239]