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Licensing Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04 ABAP Edition

In the Software Downloads and SAP NetWeaver Application Server there are many Topic about problems to get a valid license for the Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04 ABAP Edition. Here are the steps to get it:

  • Logon to Mini SAP System as BCUSER
  • Start Transaction slicense
  • Copy the Active Hardware Key to the clipboard (Strg + C)
  • Open Licensing Procedure for the Mini SAP System
  • Fill out the Form, Check “I Agree”, choose System NSP and paste the Hardware Key (Strg + V).
  • After some seconds you will receive an E-Mail with the License Key
  • Go back to Transaction slicense and click on Install. Fill out the Form
    SAP System: NSP Inst. Number: DEMOSYSTEM Hardware Key: XXXXXXXXXXX System Number: leave empty Expires On: Enter expire date Key: Paste the key


  • Leave the system and stop and start it via the SAP Management Console.
  • Logon again and start transaction SE80. Now you can create your first ABAP Program and use the developer key avaliable at Licensing Procedure for the Mini SAP System

If you can’t login as user BCUSER to your Mini SAP System then you can also try to install the License on the Windows Command Line. You have to logon as User NSPADM to your Computer and run this command:

unSLICENSE -install

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  • Minisap send me about license e_mail:
    Dear Mr XXX,

    thank you for your interest in SAP solutions.

    You requested an evaluation license for the following system:
    SAP System ID: NSP; Operating System: Windows
    SAP Release: 6.40; Database: MaxDB

    You have already registered with the evaluation and
    your license key is still valid.

    If you want to change your registration data, please
    reply to this email and specify your needs.
    In case that you have lost your license key, here
    is your current evaluation data:

    Your Hardware key      : S0368790000
    Your License Key       : ZPOA9PT8Z8VSEW4BDBFIV652
    License Expiration date: 20051206
    SID                    : NSP
    Installation-Nr.       : DEMOSYSTEM

    Some useful hints:
    – The license key depends on your hardware. If you have
      changed the hardware setup or if you want to install
      the demo on another hardware, you have to request a new
      license using the new hardware key.
    – You can obtain your current hardware key and change/update
      your license without reinstalling the demo at any time.
      To do that, use the “saplicense” executeable located in
      with the -get and -install switches
    – If your license will not work, check that the characters
      match in case and make sure you differ between zero and
      the letter “O”.

    Have fun!

    I use t_code slicense,click ‘install’,input relative contents,press enter key,but one error display ‘Invalid license key’.

    when I run t_code SICK,display error message: ‘no application server offers an ENQ service’.

    Could you give me?

    Thanks and regards,

  • I also use t_code slicense and click ‘install’
    When I input the contents from the mail,press enter key, I get the same error:

    ‘Invalid license key’

    What can I do… I tried a lot…
    Help is highly appreciated!


  • Hi Gregor,

    I got the “invalid license” message, too. It took me a while but then I realised that when you want to install the license you should log on to Windows as the user nspadm . Maybe you could add this to the blog post as the first bullet point.

    cheers Thomas

  • Great Blog! Would be nice to add that you can run “saplicense -install” from the command prompt without having to log in as “nspadm” by using the “runas” command… So while logged in as usual, at the command prompt type the following:

    runas /user:nspadm “c:\usr\sap\nsp\dvebmgs00\exe\saplicense -install”

    Then enter the password when prompted and a new command window will open – Just follow prompts and all done!

    • Oh yes – also forgot to mention that the SAP instance should not be started when running this… Make sure to shut down SAP instance otherwise the command prompt will just sit there after entering the new license key and do nothing…
  • Hi,

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me.

    MiniSAP was working great on this system, until my trial license already expired a few days ago. I logged on as SAP* and got the hardware ID and filled out the form, got the email, and tried installing the new license key. I verified that the date is correctly entered (tried several ways just in case), I generated the license for System id NSP, I am leaving System number blank, etc… following all instructions. I still get Invalid License.

    I also looked and there is no saplicense.exe anywhere on the machine nor is a local user account named NSPADM.


    • This one is solved… all I did was restart the SAP server and try again. This time I used “/nslicense” instead of “slicense”, but I am not sure that is what made the difference.
    • Luther

      Sorry for being a tad thick, but how are you logging on as SAP*?? I have tried various versions – capitalised etc – and everytime the response is ‘license has expired’, so I can’t get the HWID to get the new license!!