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SDN: Bringing you more than just the tech stuff

Having recently come on-board I found myself in the position to recommend and promote some ideas from the community as well as from the inside of my own cluttered brain. I am happy to let everyone know that one of these many ideas has come to pass and together with the help of the SDN Team I am happy to present to you the…

This of course being the new home for contributor activies within SDN. Unlike the various Developer Areas located on SDN this home will highlight various users themsevles. We all appreciate the various contributions that are scattered around SDN but have you taken a minute to see who was behind it? Who put the work forth to see it published? Well come over to the Contributor’s Home and take a look at who the Spothlight of the Month is, or what is currently in the Challenger’s Bag or who has Crossed the Line. Find out more about the competitions, challenges and contests, the prizes, t-shirts and events!

All this and more is awaiting you, you’re just one click away!

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  • Hi Craig,
             Jus’ wanted to understand how the Points cross over formula works.Are you looking at people who crossed the  milestone say (1/4k,1/2k)etc in a particular week alone ? I am wondering why many SDN contributors name who have already crossed 2k mark are not featuring in the contributor’s home page.


    • Yes we looked at a particular week, or for this round we looked at two weeks. Next week the list will show those who crossed the various milestones during the past week.