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SAP NetWeaver MDM 5.5 Support Package 02 on the Way

Support Package 02 for SAP NetWeaver MDM 5.5 is available for customers since August 15, 2005, through the SAP Software Distribution Center. It enhances MDM 5.5 with new and improved capabilities. These include:

  • Enterprise Portal enablement: The MDM iView Library provides a set of collaborative iViews to search (e.g. pick list, hierarchical, attribute, text) and display (e.g. search state, result set, item details) data stored in an MDM repository. iViews can be configured and assembled into portal pages that are searchable in multiple dimensions without writing a single line of code. Finally, each iView is search-state aware and fully collaborative with other MDM iViews on the page.

  • Improved communication with R/3 Client Systems: Mass IDocs for Material (MATMDM), Customer (DEBMDM), and Vendor (CREMDM) help transfer object data more efficiently from ERP to MDM. Refer to SAP Note 836985 to find the required SAP plug-ins. You can start the local extraction (initial load, delta load) from an ERP system (PUSH scenario). The substructures for Customer and Vendor have been enhanced. New endpoints for collection and distribution of data, called ports, simplify the manual and automated exchange of data between MDM and external data providers (client systems). Ports also serve to bundle relevant configuration information for importing/exporting data, including client system, map, and data location.

  • Key Generation (Key creation in the outbound process: If an object does not yet exist in the client system, the Syndicator uses distinct keys for a target system taken from a range or a qualified range. When an object is distributed to a client system in which the object does not yet exist, a new key has to be determined for this client system. The key generation settings define if there will be a controlled key generation and the key ranges for the client system.
  • Enabling BI reporting: In conjunction with SAP BI the following scenarios are supported:
    You import data from your BI system, consolidate it, and send it back to your BI system. This scenario can be used e.g. as basis for cross-company reporting.
    You import data from any client system (e.g. ERP), consolidate it, and send it to your BI system. This scenario can be used e.g. to find duplicates and store key mapping information in your BI system.
  • Extended platform support including 64 bit versions: The platform availability is extended to include 64-bit Linux, Solaris and HP-UX. For details refer to the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) on the SAP Service Marketplace.
  • Transora support (GDS-CP) Transora Data Pool 5.1 in addition to UCCnet 3.0 is supported.

  • Data management workflow: MDM Data Management Workflow integrated into the MDM Data Manager enables the orchestration of parallel and sequential data management activities on groups of objects, including user tasks, validations and approvals. It includes a workflow designer and integrated worklist. You can design your own workflows in a graphical environment using elements, called workflow steps, representing user activities, validations, approvals, and notifications. Each workflow step can be configured and assigned to users or roles to suit your business processes. The workflow is started and executed in the MDM Data Manager.
  • Enhanced Data Manager functionality A Web browser is embedded in the MDM Data Manager enabling “punch-out” integration.

  • Additional language support (Japanese)

Regards, Markus Ganser

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  • Hi Markus,

    Is this still available to only ramp-up cutomers.
    The only link for MDM 5.5 in software dist center is thru ramp-up section and appearantly we don’t have access.


  • Generally download is available for customers and partners who have purchased the software. As such (MDM 5.5 customer/partner, you should be able to download the MDM 5.5 SP02 as follows:

    – On the Service Marketplace, use quick link /swdc.

    – Go to Download -> Installations and Upgrades -> Search for Installations and Upgrades.

    – Enter search term MDM.

    – From the list, choose SAP MDM 5.5.

    – An information page is displayed. On the upper left, the installation link is provided.

    – By clicking the link, you get to the Downloads tab, from where you can download the latest MDM 5.5 Installation CD.

    Hope that works. If not, post a customer ticket.


  • As an MDM 5.5 customer, you should be able to download it.

    If the problem persists, please create a customer ticket indicating your customer number.