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Rules of the Game: Earning Double Points for Downloads

On August 11th and 16th, we released the ABAP Edition of the Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04 and the SAP NetWeaver Developer Cockpit respectively. We thought it would be fun to initiate some contests surrounding these two new downloads and entice you all to participate with double points as a reward. So, we announced the opportunity on the homepage yesterday and also in the Software Downloads discussion forum. However, it didn’t take long before some confusion arose out of our “teaser” announcements. For this reason, I wanted to make a note of some ground rules for the contest and give you a better idea of what qualifies and what does not. General Guidelines

  • Any SDN community member is eligible for the contest. As long as you are registered with SDN, and you have followed the contest guidelines, you are eligible to earn double points for your content submission.
  • The double points only apply to the downloads that we’re promoting at the moment – at the time of this posting, these are the ABAP Edition (only) of the Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04 and the SAP NetWeaver Developer Cockpit that I’ve mentioned above. The double points promotion for these two downloads is only valid through September 15, at 12pm US Pacific Time.
  • Please submit only unique content. We are most interested in content that complements the volumes of information that one may already find on SDN.
  • It should go without saying but please never take credit for someone else’s work. If we determine that you’ve plagiarized someone else’s content without giving proper reference, we will take disciplinary action and may have to remove you from the SDN community.
  • Content will be evaluated by SDN Community Managers or other subject matter experts (generally the people from the teams who developed the downloads) and then awarded double points, if applicable.
  • First come, first served – sorry, if someone submitted the same information right before you, you are not eligible for the double points. Note that we have a time stamp on all submissions to SDN – even the threads in the discussion forums – so, in most cases, we can actually determine who submitted the correct answer first (and who just modified their answer at a later time).
  • All points rewarded in this and other promotions are at the discretion of the SDN team. I can assure you that, as always, we will treat all SDN community members alike with regard to points allocation – with courtesy and fairness to the best of our ability.

What Content Qualifies for Double Points

  • Weblogs, articles, eLearning, and discussion forum content that articulates the experience of downloading and installing either download, development experiences with them, and their integration with other SAP NetWeaver components.
  • Content could range from basic tips and tricks to detailed step-by-step installation instructions, with appropriate points allocation for depth of content. Tell us your detailed opinions and observations, obstacles and how you overcame them, integration and development experiences with each.
  • Discussion forum content: 20 points maximum per thread. Only correct solutions/answers to postings will be awarded double “solved my problem” points. Note that to simplify things, we decided that we will only monitor the posts in the SDN Code Samples/Downloads forum.
  • Weblogs: 80 points for new, helpful information on installation, integration, and development with one of the two downloads. Usual weblog guidelines apply.
  • Articles: 240 points for detailed guides, tutorials, or articles with code samples on topic.
  • eLearning: 400 points possible for at least 15 minutes worth of high quality, rich media content.

What Does Not Qualify

  • Simply downloading the evaluation software does not qualify you for any points. Sorry, we couldn’t make it that easy.
  • Submission of existing information or information that is repeated elsewhere on SDN. For example, a detailed description of how to use WinRar to extract download files of type .RAR will not win you any double points.
  • Any content that is deemed inappropriate or off-topic will not earn double points.
  • Any content that is appropriate and on-topic but was submitted after the September 15th deadline is not eligible for double points. In this case, the usual points allocation applies.

Thanks for reading. I hope this has helped to shed more light on the double-points contest. If there is still any confusion on the process, let us know and we’ll try to work out the kinks. We look forward to a fun competition and lots of new, valuable content from our community! So, get cracking – September 15 is just a few weeks away…

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