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NAB the TAB (File Adapter)

“The biggest cause of trouble in the world today is that the stupid people are so sure about things and the intelligent folks are so full of doubts.”   –  Bertrand Russell
So let’s try and clear all doubts and make things sure on the TAB delimited file and hence process them with the file adapter. I hope this blog will prove helpful for all those forum posts on the same.
A TAB delimited file has its fields separated by a TAB. The following screenshot is of a TAB delimited file.
How do you read such a file using the file adapter?
Suppose we have our data type as follows:
Assuming that all other parameters for the sender file adapter has been provided we just focus on the content conversion for the same.
The hexadecimal notation for the TAB is 0x90.
The hyperlinks & will help us to find the hexadecimal notation for a lot of escape sequences and printable/nonprintable characters.
So we can specify the (substructure).fieldSeparator as ‘0x09’.
Another way to accomplish the same (but a tricky one) is described below.
Open the notepad and press the TAB button once. Copy the space generated and paste it in the content conversion. The following screenshot will throw more light on the same.
To copy the space gererated by the TAB key :
Paste it into the content conversion parameters:
Amazingly this trick works too :-).
Hope this blog helps in answering the queries related to the TAB delimited file in the forums.   
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  • Well, if we look at the newline its represented by NL. Similarly the standard designation for the TAB is HT (Horizontal TAB). Since we give ‘nl’ in case where we encounter a newline in the content conversion parameters I tried giving ‘ht’ in case of the TAB. Surprisingly the file is getting picked up (it gets deleted since I kept it in the delete mode) , but I don’t find any trace of it in SXMB_MONI and the adapter too doesn’t throw any error.

    Can somebody throw some light on this?