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SAP Netweaver Developer Cockpit NW04 SP12 (PDK 60.12.0) consists of information and examples for creating Java based portal components using SAP Enterprise Portal APIs. It’s really a very good collection of examples and resources which could be installed alltogether and at once.

Prerequisites for installation:

The installation of this New SAP NetWeaver Developer Cockpit requires SAP Enterprise Portal and SAP NetWeaver Developer studio containing the corresponding SAP Enterprise Portal plugin.You would also need authorizations for deployment in Software Deployment Manager (SDM) and Content Manager role in SAP Enterprise Portal.

Before proceeding for the installation you must have downloaded and extracted the “NetweaverDeveloperCockpit_NW04SP12.rar” from into your local machine.

Installation Steps:

1. Start the SDM tool by executing the batch file “sdm_remotegui.bat” from the location “C:usrsapShortcuts”.
2. Click on “Connect to SDM Server” button from the toolbar of SDM GUI:


3. Enter the SDM password and click “Login”:


4. Click on the “Deployment” tab after you are logged into SDM.


5. Click on “Add SCA/SDA to Deployment list” button in the toolbar.


6. Choose “” file for deployment from the folder into which you extracted the .rar file.


7. Expand to see the archives contained within the SCA file and click “Next” to go to next step


8. In the “Repository Preview” on the right side expand “pdk-content” to view the archives that will be deployed. Click “Next” to move to next step.


9. Click “Start” to start the deployment.


10. Click “Confirm” when all the Deployment activities are over to finish the Deployment.


11. Now you can Disconnect and Exit from the SDM GUI tool. Also you can check the Business Objects in the Portal Content Studio.


12. After login to the portal with user having the Content Manager Role. Go to Content Management -> Content Exchange -> Package upload.


13. Upload the archive. This archive is also part of the .rar file and contains the ICE (Information anc Context Exchange) contents.

This completes the installation of the New SAP Netweaver Developer Cockpit. As you might have noticed the installation is very easy and simple to perform. In case you have MaxDB as database, JDBC drivers needs to be installed separetly. For further details you should refer “NetWeaverDeveloperCockpit-Installation.pdf”.

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  1. Anton Wenzelhuemer
    well done blog!

    I wonder on which Appserver version you installed the cockpit stuff.
    Would be nice if it worked on the sneak version (which is SP11), but it suggests that one needs SP12.

    1. DCS USER

      Is there nothing for the sneak preview?  Also for some reason I am not able to download this sp12 version but if I will somehow find out the problem, can you tell me if it will work with the sneak preview or not?

      1. Tarun Telang Post author
        I didn’t tried it on a version prior to NetWeaver SP12 as the name of the downloaded rar file was “NetweaverDeveloperCockpit_NW04SP12.rar” and the documentation says “NDC 60.12.0 is released for with EP 6.0 SP12 on SAP WebAS 6.40 Java.”


        1. param R
          Hi Tarun:
          Could you help me with the link to download NW Developer Cockpit SP13 and also the filename for downloading the Developer Studio SP13. I could not find it on site.
          Appreciate your help.
  2. Kumaran Natarajan
    What changes do you see on the NWDS? Is there a way to install some of PDK plugins on NWDS. Rather does sp12 version has any item for NWDS (like its sp2 or 5.0 predecessors used to have?)

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