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SAP TechEd (Vienna): Just a BoF away

Do you know what a BoF session is? Well here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

BOF is an acronym for birds of a feather, a term used to describe persons having common characteristics or related interests. The acronym is mostly used by computer geeks.

We use it to describe the more informal sessions to be held in the SDN Clubhouse. They were quite popular last year, although totally at the end of the day, this is why we do it again. This time more convinient during regular TechEd hours.

So you are a SDNer and you will be at TechEd in Vienna right? Well like most of us you probably have something to say and maybe even share, right? Well now is your chance! Click on this link and then modify your settings:


Just click the name, first timers will probably see AnonymousGnome, set your name and settings and choose save. Then you can choose to edit, image, the Vienna_BOF.

The easy thing to do now is simply copy one of the ones already there and change the text. Once you save the page you’ll be able to click on your own name, or your session name and edit the data there as well.


Allowing everyone a chance to read what you are wanting to present about

and then write their own name next to “Attendee” section thus voting for your session!


So what are you waiting for? There are already 4 sessions on the list for Vienna!

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